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Saturday’s Auction Finds…

eastern kansas auction barn

Saturday I headed to the Eastern Kansas Auction Barn for a good and FAST auction. They had some interesting things….

There were lots of dolls. I did buy quite a few EVEN though I swore I would never sell another doll again. Doll buyers are quite unusual.. and I never seem to know exactly what they want described.

I didn't get any photos.. of the stuff… but I purchased a LOT of homeschool curriculum. I think a teacher dropped off every bit of teaching stuff she had.. I bought it. (whoo hoo)

They had a pretty good crowd.

I really wanted these lockers… sold for 12.50. The man would not have been happy if I bought them..

I wanted this trunk.. there was some pretty cool stuff in it.. and the trunk would have been nice to have.. I missed the sale on it.. and it (along with the contents) sold for 2.00!

You can't tell by this picture.. but this owl was HUGE.. like 30" tall huge. If he didn't have the chip on the ear.. I just might have tried for him.


I left with 1 1/2 car loads of stuff… I totally failed and didn't take pictures of all the stuff I got… 🙁

Saturday Auction Finds…. Part Two

The Man has been to RJ's Auctions in Scranton, Kansas several times.. This was my first time there. I read they had some pallets of stuff there.. I didn't see much of that.. but I did find some interesting things.

Like Strickers Auction in Gardner.. they have an indoor auction and out door auction. I didn't see much I wanted inside.

They had TONS of matting…

See those green glasses? Those are Franciscan Madeira. I wanted those glasses. Unfortunately I was out witted.. I know you are saying.. "Out Witted? Don't you mean outbid?" Not at this auction. You see they don't auction items by the lot or piece. They auction a section of shelving at a time, and it's for choice. So when you bid, you are bidding against someone that might want a box of nails in that section, OR they want your green glasses. I let the bid go for my glasses, because I thought they wanted something else.. when they really wanted my glasses. 🙁

I wanted the brown melmac dishes.. but I was out witted on those too..

"Run out of tussin? Put some water in the bottle, shake it up — mo' tussin!"

You may or may not be a Chris Rock fan.. if you are, you know about "The Tussin" If not.. then I'll just tell you Chris' dad (Julius Rock) thought Robitussin could fix anything.. this auction had a TON of the TUSSIN..

Inside auction..

They have riser seating.

This dude's shirt cracked me up…

Hey.. how about some old soap?

Here's what I got… embroidery pillowcases, silverware, some Disneyland collectibles from the 1960's, games (for the youth room), old rodeo brochures and some art books for #3.

Saturday Auction Finds… Part One

I went to 2 auctions on Saturday. The first one (which I'm talking about today) was in Wellsville, Kansas.

akro agate, children's dishes, vintage dishes, depression glass

I love this Akro Agate child's tea set pieces. I really wanted some green jadite colored pieces or the depression glass green pieces for myself. I didn't get any green 🙁

Brandon Otto auctioneers

Branden Otto is one of my favorite auctioneers. He's FAST, funny and honest.

I love this chair.. I know it might be ugly to some people.. but I think it's pretty cute. It sold for 27.50 BUT not to me. The man would have killed me… since I brought a chair home from last weeks auction.

This auction had lots of toys and collectibles.

I took this photo before the auction started. I like this fainting couch… but see that LARGE kewpie doll? It sold for over 135.00. Which surprised me a little..

How about a Jane West doll in the original box?

More Dolls…

Doll Furniture

One important thing about auctions? Food. This is #2's German chocolate brownie.. Looks good huh?

This little guy sold for $200.00

Here's some of the stuff I got… Doll furniture, ironstone, a few pieces of Akro Agate glass, celluloid carnival dolls, paper dolls, embroidered linens, an old baby scale (for #6) and some trolls.

Saturday Auction…

This morning The Man and I went to an auction.. It had a car that he thought he might want to buy. They had a few things there I thought might be interesting… but mostly we were there for the car. See that guy facing the camera leaning against the tree? He was there to watch over the jewelry.

Here's The Man.. checking out the car.

Here's some of the jewelry… Some of these necklaces sold for $80-90 dollars each. I'm sure some were worth that.. but these were DEALERS that were paying that…

More jewelry… some of the pins sold for $40+ each!

even more jewelry

Hey guess what… More jewelry

A partial overview of the jewelry.

They had other stuff there besides jewelry and a car…

I took a photo of this chair… not knowing it would be mine for $12.50!

Interesting stuff…

This was a box of vintage sunglasses and eyeglasses. I bought it for $3.00 🙂

I wanted these 2 boxes of flower pins and flower hair bobs… but they went for $25.00. I probably should have gone higher…

I did buy this 1940's print for myself..

Did I tell you that in the middle of the auction a rain storm broke out?

That green cordial set.. only sold for $25.00

This auction had several pieces of artwork.. there was an original Grandma Layton (sold for 1200), and 3 original William H Howe's (Sold for 475, 350, and 300.

Here's some of the stuff I bought…

My kids won't stop playing with that dang roulette wheel!

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