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Don’t Be a Miserable Cow!


I've said this to myself a million times, "Don't be a MISERABLE COW!"  When I do, it's because something is not going my way. Today it's because I really feel like a miserable cow.  Someone in our family has been ill since the second week in December. :/  Currently there are several colds, sore throats, PINK EYE and the freakin' FLU.  *I am the one with the flu.* 🙁


Since I have the flu, I can't hug the baby (#6)… so this is how we hug. 

I hope your home is happy, healthy and warm!



Pinterest Photo Challenge Day 14: How I Feel Today

Today's Pinterest Photo Challenge is: How I feel today….

How I feel… So Tired.

I spent most of yesterday and all of today at Youth Pastor conference.  It was fun.. but so exhausting!

Hey Nerd Baby! Come Fix My Computer!

Sometimes when The Man is at work we decide it's time to mess with…

baby glasses, eBay Queen, how to sell on eBay, black nerd glasses

 The Baby

Nerd looks good on him.. don't you think?


No baby's were harmed in the making of these photos…

Sometimes he's not the best model though…

Why You Gotta Be So Mean? Or The Baby and the Corn Dog

Back when the older kids were trying to get #6 to crawl, they did this to him.

I should really clarify this.  #2 did this to him.

baby and a corn dog, mean, corn dog, children

Do babies eat corn dogs?

I think he's actually drooling.

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