To Catch an eBay Thief

 WAY Back in January I sold a really pretty and versatile high end candle holder/decorative piece. Here’s a few of my photos from the listing showing it can be a candle holder, vase or crudités holder.




The buyer purchased the item, and we sent it to her via UPS.  She messaged me telling me telling me the item broke.


“Hi, I just received my order today.  Unfortunately the metal base and 1 of the glass cups are broken.  I would like to get a refund on this order ASAP.  Please see pictures for your reference.  Thank You”

We responded and told her we would contact UPS, and that they would pick up the item from her.  To please have all the packing material, original box and the item ready for them, and that the would call her and arrange a time to pick it up.

Three days went by and she sent me another message:


Then almost every other day she would send me a message.  Most of those messages had some kind of threat or foul verbiage.  I called UPS, and they verified that she would not allow them to pick up the box.  I passed this information on to the buyer.  I received more threats.  Finally she left negative feedback.  I called eBay and it was removed. I sent her one final message asking her to please get in contact with UPS so that she could give them the broken item, and I could refund her money.   She filed a chargeback with PayPal.  While on hold with PayPal, I realized this chick live in Beverly Hills, and she has a unusual name.  I googled her name, and found her Facebook page.  You’ll never believe what she was selling on her Facebook page…


She’s selling my item!


Plus.. she has her own “Design page”  Where she has my item again!


I sent all of this proof to PayPal.  They told me they would add this to my claim, but it was really her credit card company that would make the final decision.  As you can imagine.  The credit card company sided with their cardholder…

 Look what I got today in an email:


Dear eBay Queen: A Blocked Buyer is Threatening to Bombard Me with Negatives

Dear eBay Queen:

I’m not sure what to do about this. I had a potential buyer message me and tell me that they tried to buy a pair of shoes from me, and they were told *I* as a seller would not sell to them. I wasn’t sure what they were talking about, and I went did a bit of research, and figured out that I blocked them a couple of years ago, for leaving me a negative feedback. I messaged them and said the following:

“Thank you for letting me know you were unable to bid. I did some research, and I see that you left me a negative feedback on April 21, 2013 regarding a pair of shoes that you bought. The feedback stated ‘Took 5 days to arrive. Won’t refund Shipping.’ I sent you an email and asked if you would be willing to remove the negative, because I sent your shoes in less than 24 hours of your payment. You responded that you ‘would not unless I refunded your money and let you keep the shoes.’ I was unable to do that, so I kept the negative, and blocked you.

Today I reviewed the feedback you leave other people on Toolhaus. I see that you still have an issue leaving negative feedback for unsuspecting sellers. At this time I am really not interested in selling to a person that gives negatives so freely. Thank you for your interest.”

I guess that was the wrong thing to do, because that made this person FREAK OUT. She sent me back a crazy email that says:

“Oh, REALLY? So now you get to decide if I can buy on eBay? What is the world coming to these days? Who died and made you the eBay Queen? It’s a good thing you don’t know who I really am! I can get my friends to buy your crappy shoes and lame gifts and see if their experience is good. And before you send me a message about how I can’t do it, Just Wait.”

I guess I should not have responded to this lady. Who knew she would react that way? I’ve contacted Seller Support about this, is there anything else I should do?

Linda P.
Dear Linda:

Well, normally I would tell you to message her back and explain to her that you are NOT the eBay Queen, but you know who is ;). With this lady I would not respond. If you have contacted eBay support by phone, I would say that is all you really can do.

I hope that she does not follow through with her threats, and if she does, eBay handles it swiftly.


Dear eBay Queen:

I’m really frustrated. I bid on a cute leather jacket with fringe, and 2 days later I found the same jacket in the color I really wanted. It had a buy it now, so I bought it. I told the first seller that I no longer wanted their jacket, and they told me I needed to cancel my bid. I thought it was enough that I told them, so I didn’t do it. Well, come to find out they have filed a non-paying bidder against me. I’m pretty ticked about this. I called eBay, and they told me I would need to pay for the item, or work it out with my seller. I DON’T WANT THE ITEM! Why do I have to do work it with the seller? Just re-list it. Is there something I can say to this seller that will keep me from getting a strike against my account?



Dear GLD:

eBay is really the final authority on this. If you haven’t messaged the seller yet, it wouldn’t hurt to message them and ask if they would cancel it. The worse thing they can do is say no.



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