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Dear eBay Queen: What Do I Do with A Demanding Buyer?

Dear eBay Queen:

I’ve been selling for 4 years.  I have over 5,000 unique feedback on eBay I thought I had seen just about everything, until now. I have a buyer that has 18 feedback. I thought they were a newbie eBay buyer.

I sent them a NWOT (new without tags) pair of 32×36 jeans.  They received them on a Saturday, and opened a Not as Described claim from me on the Saturday after that. In their claim they state the jeans are very worn and used. She would like at least half of her money refunded for half of the purchase amount.

eBay stated I had 5 days  to respond, and since I have had more pressing issues I decided to just wait to respond. On the 5th day I get a eBay message email from her DEMANDING a response a return label, and a refund, or she would “stop” payment from her bank.

I told her that since she had opened a NAD with eBay, I was now playing by their rules. Had she given me an opportunity, I would have issued her a return label the very day she had notified me of her dissatisfaction. I also informed her that I did not give partial refunds and that I would gladly issue her a refund once the item was returned and that I could verify it was mine by the UV mark…and that it was in the same condition as which it was sold.

She messaged me and stated I was being difficult, rude etc. She then stated that she purchased another pair of jeans from Goodwill for her husband and they were in better condition than the pair I sent.  She would rather not send the item back and would prefer to donate the jeans. I told her that was her choice, but the only way she would be getting her money back was to return the item I sent her with the UV mark on it.

I went ahead and accepted her return request; it is past the 10 days for her to have mailed the item.  What do I do now?  I don’t see that I can just close the request.

Thank you for talking about purchasing an ultra violet light marker in one of your articles. I think this marker has saved me from bogus returns on several occasions. I use it to mark the size tags on jeans, or if there is no white size tag, I use it on the white of the pockets.

Thank you for helping me out.


Dear STC:

You can contact eBay and they will close the case for you since your buyer has not sent the item back in the time allotted.  This is usually a painless experience, the only downside being a sometimes longer than usual hold time.

It is always good business to answer your return requests as soon as possible.  If you did not answer it in that time period, eBay could have closed the case in the buyers favor, and that would have meant a defect for you.  Having eBay close a case because you did not respond, is a heavy defect to have on your account.  I’m not sure if you know this, but sellers no longer receive defects for having opened cases for returns or not as described cases.

I’m glad that the UV light pen has worked for you!  It’s an inexpensive way to protect your business from a buyer that might not be returning your item.



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A Couple of eBay Bad Sellers Don’t Spoil the Whole Bunch…

I don't know that I buy a lot of stuff on eBay, but I certainly BID on lots of stuff on eBay.  I've had pretty good service in my 14 years of buying.. but this year I've had a couple of pretty bad sellers.

My first bad purchase was these super cute giraffe wedges.  I bought them to wear on youth Sunday.. because I had the perfect outfit to wear with it. (of course)  I paid 4.00 for the shoes and 10.00 for the shipping.  When the shoes arrived, they were in a manilla envelope and shipped first class mail.  The seller said the weight on the shoes were .5 ounces!  When really they were 2lbs. BUT to add insult to injury, they were a size 5, not a size 6.  I contacted the seller, and she told me she would accept the return, but was not happy about it.  She refunded part of my shipping that I paid.. but never paid for the return shipping. 🙁

I bought these ugly Sperry Top Siders for my sweet #3.  I had shoes identical to this in the 1980's when wearing boat shoes.. but not owning a boat was popular.  I guess now in 2012 that same idea is back in fashion. Apparently the giraffe shoe seller and this seller are related, because they did basically the same thing to me. The title and description said they were a size 6… but when we received them, they were an 8.5… AND they were shipped in a manilla envelope saying they weighed .6 ounces.  The post office said they weighed 2lbs and charged me the extra money to receive them.  I paid 8.00 for the shoes, 9.95 for shipping + 5.85 for the extra shipping I had to pay to the post office. I'm waiting on the seller to tell me what they want me to do with them now. 🙁

I purchased a Wii game from a seller 10 days before Christmas.  The game had free shipping, and the seller live around 380 miles from my home.  The item was shipped 3 days after I paid.. and shipped media mail!

There's a couple things wrong with this.. 1. it's a video game which should not be sent media mail. 2. it's a TOY near Christmas it should not be sent media mail!

You might notice that it is wrapped in a odd silver paper.  That's WRAPPING PAPER..

The game with the silver wrapping paper.

This is the game that was pictured with the auction.

This is what I received. Slightly different figures.


This game should have been wrapped in another box.. for protection.  It had breakable stuff in it. 🙁  The miracle in this is that I received it without anything broken, and that the USPS delivered a MEDIA mail (14-21 day delivery time item) in 4 days.


Will it change the way I buy stuff on eBay… nope.


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