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Something That Sells On eBay Vintage Halloween Costumes

vh14costume1While searching for costumes.. I saw these were selling individually for $299.but together.. they sold for:

Kiss Vintage Halloween Costumes Set 1978 Aucoin Sealed Sold $999.99 by eBay Seller slayerforever Check it out HERE

vh14costume2How cute.. and weird is this little number?  I probably would have put "witch" in the title.

Iconic Antique Halloween Costume Dress 7 Diecuts/Paper Stars/Peplums SOLD $270.00 by eBay Seller kicoheda Check it out HERE

vh14costume3Ben Cooper costumes always seem to sell.. some higher than others.


Vintage Ben Cooper 1976 Hee Haw Scarecrow Costume w/Mask Clothes & Box Medium SOLD $260.55 bye eBay Seller 3prusa Check it out HERE


Vintage Halloween Costume Outfit Jumpsuit Dress OOAK 1950’s JOL Pumpkin Owl Fabric SOLD $203.50 by eBay Seller ckwonpoker Check it out HERE


Vintage Halco Halloween Costume Wizard of Oz Dandy Lion SOLD 177.50 by eBay Seller pob413 Check it out HERE 

Vintage Children’s Halloween Costumes: Something to sell on eBay

Vintage costume, Dark shadows

Dark Shadows Barnabas Ben Cooper Halloween Costume Mask in Box 1968 SOLD 1091.66  By eBay Seller me12121 Check it out HERE 


 beatles, vintage costumes, paul, john, ringo, mccartney

Vintage Beatle Halloween Costume: Ben Cooper  SOLD $565.00 by eBay Seller circlefreak  Check it out HERE 


Vintage Ben Cooper Halloween Costume the Beatles Paul McCartney  SOLD 362.00 by eBay Seller bluelightanv1861  Check it out HERE 

vintage Yankiboy, 1920's adult costume

Yankiboy Vintage 1920’s Halloween Clown Costume w/Blue JOL and Witches SOLD 261.00 by eBay Seller dickbrodeur  Check it out HERE 


Halloween Clown Costume Rob Zombie Prop Collegeville Vintage  SOLD $237.50  by eBay Seller opiumlosangeles Check it out HERE 

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