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Some of my Favorite Things…

#4 and #5 checking out the ice cream at Baskin Robbins

#3 as a peacock for Halloween

My mother-in-law’s flowers.

#1 looking annoyed…

#2 being.. himself.

Big Ugly Dogs..

My friend since before I could drive…

Not crazy about vans.. but I do love Free Candy..

The Man looking  **Bad**

Everyone Has an Excuse… and Here’s Mine…

I should be staying home today.  I have a BAZILLION things to do.. but  I’m not going to.. I’m going to run up to Kansas City to see my friend.  We’ve been friends since well.. social dance.  You know what social dance is right?  That’s the weird class you take when you don’t want to take a PE class.  BUT apparently other strange people do the same thing.. so well she and I became partners and friends.

This means there is no real list today… I’ll be spending most of the day with her.  The list.. will be back again soon..

It’s Business Card Time..

My best friend since high school is a Chiropractic Intern, and received her business cards today. This is a big deal in the Chiropractic world. It not only means they are almost done with school, but that she will have patients in the clinic.

All of the new intern name tags on the table.

Grandma reading to sweet Libby Lou

Sonia receiving her cards from Dr. Cleveland (spiffy white coat huh?)

Checking out the new cards.

They don’t look too much alike do they?

January 2022
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