eBay Arbitrage and Best Offer


I received this best offer the other day.  The buyer made me a 20.00 offer on an item that I have listed for 44.99 and retails for 65.99.  I counter offered with 38.00 and they countered with 33.00 and this statement:

“Hi there, for resale.  This offer is the best I can do. I have no more wiggle room for resale  Hope you will consider.”

This is kind of weird to me.  I think I’ve heard every sad story about not having enough money, a buyers mother, grandmother once owned something and it’s her last dying wish to have this etc… But I’ve never had someone do this.  What do you think ab

Sometimes Best Offer Annoys Me.

I really love Best Offer.  Without it, I’m not sure where my business on eBay would be.  Sometimes the message that buyers leave me are weird and a little ballsy. (can I say that?)  Maybe I’m looking at it wrong.

I was asking 19.99 with Best Offer (and free shipping)on this item, retail is 39.99. I was offered $10.00 and this comment:

buyitnow2“I just purchased 2 new bras one black Maidenform for $12”

So I guess you they feel 10.00 is a fair offer?

This item retails for 44.99, and I have it listed for 29.99 with best offer and free shipping.  The buyer offers 14.99, “because she can buy on Amazon for that price.”

buyitnow1“I got the black one on Amazon for this price but they didn’t have white.”

I countered offered on each, and responded: “with free shipping this is as low as I can go.” Do you have this happen to you?

eBay Best Offers.. and Snarkiness

Everything in my eBay store has Best Offer on it. Most of the time that’s good thing for me and for a buyer.  Here lately it seem I’ve been getting a lot of buyers telling me they can buy this for a “better price” somewhere else.  I’ve never figured out why they just wouldn’t buy it there.

This morning I received an offer on an item that is discontinued by the manufacturer and retails for 72.00.

bestoffer1Maybe it’s because I’m tired.. maybe it’s because I’m sad my youngest daughters are turning 17.. Whatever the reason.. I think I was a little too snarky.

bestoffer2I think I’ll go back to bed now.

Dear eBay Queen: My Seller Didn’t Put Enough Postage On the Box! What Should I do?

Dear eBay Queen:
I like to think I’m a power buyer on eBay. I receive 5-10 packages a week containing stuff I buy there. Today I received a 40 piece set of silverware that I am giving my daughter for her wedding. The problem? I had to pay the post office 12.85 to get it, because the seller did not put enough postage on it… She put 5 FOREVER stamps! What the heck?!?!
In the seller’s defense, they appear to have only been selling since January. I’m not sure what to do. I’ve never had this happen in my 7 years of primarily buying on eBay. My neighbor, (who’s a big seller on eBay) says I should report them and leave them a negative. I don’t really want to cause any problems for this person, they are just starting out! The other option my neighbor said is to open a case through eBay. Could you tell me what you think the best thing to do is?

Dear JBB:
I think you are taking the right approach. There is no reason to think this person did this on purpose. I would message them through eBay’s messages, and perhaps add a photo of the package or note you received said the amount you owe. I’m sure the seller will reimburse you for the postage. If they do not, you could open a case for the extra shipping you had to pay.

Dear eBay Queen:
At the beginning of March, I stopped using Best Offer on my store items, mostly because of the LOW BALL requests. They are so aggravating. Sometimes I just want to yell at the buyer for doing it! Today I received a message from a buyer requesting that I sell her 4 of my best selling items that would normally go for around 139.99 all together, but she wants me to sell them all to her for 50.00 with FREE SHIPPING! What is this person on? The 139.99 is 100.00 less than retail! When I politely told her that the price listed is the lowest price I would accept, she got mad at me, and sent me this message.
“I guess you aren’t serious about getting rid of your crap. What’s with sellers like you? You think you’re holdin onto gold or something. The lowest price listed? I can get this at Marshalls, or TJ Maxx – I just didn’t want to drive around town putting the set together! So are you going to sell this to me or make me a good offer?”
I looked at your store and saw that every one of your items is utilizing Best offer. I hope you don’t get mad at me, but I even sent you a low ball offer on some fancy swimsuit you have listed. How is it that you can be so nice? I noticed that you didn’t decline my offer, but counter offered and sent a nice note! Tell me your thinking behind this. Maybe I should be more patient and learn from you. When I accepted best offers, I had my listings on auto decline for offers lower than a certain amount, because I got tired of all of the low offers. Maybe I should just be patient?

Dear Kirk:
I really like using best offer. I do get a few low offers, but I don’t let it bother me. I just counter offer with something that I am willing to accept. Most of the time I add a response with the counter offer: “Thank you so much for your offer. Unfortunately, with free shipping this as low as I can go.” I have never used auto decline, and it’s not one of the things I like to see from a seller when I am making an offer. Auto decline would not make it so I didn’t buy from that seller, it just seems less personal.
I would advise you to evaluate your business and see if Best offer is something that will fit in your business model.


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