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Happy Birthday Mon Friend!

This is my friend..

today is her birthday.  I miss her.   We should be eating at Gojo's right now and laughing uncontrollably.  Instead she's in Missouri… and I'm in Kansas.  Happy Birthday My Friend!

Happy 11 month Birthday #6

I can't hardly believe this little muffin is 11 months old today.

He didn't care so much about his Christmas presents.  He really liked

the paper and the boxes.


Happy Birthday #6!

Has It Really Been 9 months?

Nine months ago today I gave birth to the cutest little baby. All mother's say that, but really check out this kid… see how cute he is?

One of my all time FAVORITE photos.. #2 and #6.

He was 2 months early, and the doctors said he'd be behind a little.. (whatever that means)  He's been standing (by himself) for a month now.  He talks, says Mama, babbles and does this:

Pouts.. that's a pretty cute pouter.. don't you think?

Happy 9month Birthday #6

Happy Birthday to The Man..

It's Optimus Dad..

Today is The Man's birthday. To celebrate him I thought I would put up a few of my favorite photos of him.

#4 and #5 participating in the pinning of the head of the household.. a festivus tradition..

Caption on this picture is… "Woman PLEASE!"

This is #2.. and his SUPER LONG tongue. I was trying to take a photo of his dad.. and he kept sticking his tongue out in front of my camera lens. See his dad?.. He thinks that's funny.

The Man and #1

That's a lot of people…

The Man, sexy husband, love of my life


He is showing us "how it's done" on the trampoline.

Dad and his Pookie (#3)

#5 and his Dad

Snuggling with #6

Father Daughter Dance 2009


My Favorite!

Happy Birthday! I love you!

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