Listening:  I am listening to my kids laughing at America's Funniest Home Videos. It's funny to watch this show.. but even funnier to watch my children watch the show.

 Loving: My Christmas decorations.  They make me so happy.  I also love that Thanksgiving plans fit together perfectly.  We ate lunch with my family on Wednesday, Dinner with The Man's parents on Thursday and Dinner with the Man's family on Friday. 

 Thinking: About my stalking trial tomorrow. I am hoping and praying it will finally be over and this turd sandwich that looks like Charles Manson will go away.

Wanting: To work on my new needlepoint.. but I don't have all the fibers. I would also like the camera I snagged on to arrive. 🙂  I hope it is perfectly wonderful.

Needing: Absolutely nothing.. but maybe some new fibers for my needlepoint.

Stalking: Some elusive Puma Ballerina Flats in a size 6.. that are reasonably priced.