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The Day I Made 7 Pies… and Lived to Tell About It.

Last Sunday my Youth Group held a pie auction to raise money for our Mission Trip.. We had a total of 31 pies… and raised $1275.00.  The rule was that each kid should make  2 pies.  Since I have 3 kids going.. and well, I'm going I made 7.  Here they are..

almond joy pie

Almond Joy Pie

This has a handmade crust, dark chocolate coconut homemade pudding with another layer of Malibu Coconut filling and then real whipped cream with coconut, almonds and chocolate on top.

Blueberry  Recipe Here

Homemade crust with, blueberries, lemon juice, flour and sugar for the filling.  The top crust I made "holes" instead of lattice. I had a little blow out on this pie..

French Silk

This has homemade crust with a chocolate mousse filling and whipped cream filling.  Whipped cream on top with a drizzle of dark chocolate syrup.


Berry Boston Cream Pie  (blogged about it here)


Malibu Rum Coconut Cream Pie  Recipe HERE


I also made a Pecan pie.. but I forgot to take a photo of it.

Do you know what these are?


They are pie weights.. I use them when I make cream pies… See that parchment paper that is keeping the weights from touching the crust?  I've NEVER used that… and I've made lots of cream pies.  Guess what I left in one of my crusts?  A pie weight.. How embarrassing!  It was my good friend that got it.. so it's all good.  Still embarrassing 🙁  have you ever done anything like that?

It Seems I Have a Sweet Tooth…

I’ve been baking a little this summer.

Double Dark Chocolate Cake with Dark Chocolate Butter Cream Frosting.

This little creation #4 and I thought up… Double Berry Boston Cream Pie…

We had a sample of some fruit and pudding and he thought it would be good

with cake.  So this Double Berry Boston Cream Pie was invented.

This doesn’t look so good.. but it was delicious.  I’m going to make it

again..I have a few ideas to make it look better..

Blueberry Pie.  This pie was pretty good, but I should have put a “full”

pie top on instead of a lattice.   I think the blueberries would have baked

better.. or something like that 🙂

Peanut Butter Chocolate Cake  (check out the recipe HERE)

I know this hasn’t been baked.. but I’ve made a lot of this stuff this summer.

It’s Peanut Butter Crunch Marshmallow Treats.  Check out the recipe HERE.

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