Friday! Friday! Friday! To Do List

Savannah Georgia.. I was there a few years ago.. and I wish I could go back..

If I could move one place.. it would be here.  I SO love Savannah.

1.   Buy some tote bags for Winter Fun 2011 (they are 50% off..)

2. Dinner= steak, baked potatoes, green beans, garlic bread

3.  Call make appts to pick up church’s eBay stuff.

4.  Write up some eBay stuff..

5.  Make #2 pick the books up and take them to the basement.

6. Watch LOST disc’s that I received from Netflix.

Saturday is Garage Sale Day

Today was City Wide Garage Sale days in Ottawa (KS).  I thought I might go out and see what I could find.  There wasn’t as many as there have been in years past, but we did find a few things:

See the large black bag in the back?  That is FULL of Mary Kay stuff.

Some woman decided not to sell MK any more and gave us the bag,

mirrors and product.  #3 thinks this is the best thing in the world.

pottery, marjorie bastin, Hallmark, vintage patterns

Big box of vintage patterns, Youth Dew, Hallmark Marjorie Bastin

votive holders  and the speckled pink pottery Aladdin lamp.

I’m not sure who made that pink speckle pottery.. but it’s cute enough. 🙂

glass blue vase, reverse painted vase

We found this vase at the second garage sale we went to.

I love the color and it’s about 24″ tall.

legos, transformers, crayons, vintage toys

Here’s some junk I bought the kids.. Legos, Transformers and

miscellaneous toys.. they were in heaven!

Large box of vintage rug hooking kits and craft stuff.

I love old patterns.  The photos are awesome..

We bought 2 boxes of books for #2 to put on Amazon.  We were set

to pay just a few bucks for the boxes of them.. until the guy selling them

realized I wrote the “eBay Queen Article”.. He decided to charge us more

than a few bucks.. 🙁  Moral of this story?

Wait in the car.. and send a kid in to buy your junk.

Do you like my star lamp? It was only .50 cents.

I’m putting in the Youth Room at church.  Did you find anything today?