Pinterest Photo Challenge Day 11: Where I eat Breakfast

Today's Pinterest Photo Challenge is: where I eat breakfast.  I normally eat breakfast (Monday -Thursday) standing up in the kitchen… telling #4 and #5 to hurry up.  Of course that's not very exciting.. so this morning we ate at Smokey's BBQ in Wellsville, Kansas

Smokey's BBQ, Wellsville Kansas

#5 eating his french toast.

#1 with her hash browns, sausage, tomatoes, onions with gravy.

PS: her shirt says "I love boys that recycle"  She thinks she's too old to wear a shirt that says "boys"… but we still think it's funny.

Dreaming of Mother’s Day Dresses…

According to my friend (a pastor), Mother’s Day is the 3rd biggest “church” going day of the year.  I guess you could say that my family and I are pretty big church goers ourselves..  Normally I just throw something on and get the monkey’s dressed.  When I arrive at church, I feel pretty good that we are there and all my children have combed hair.  If I let myself dream.. I wonder what it would be like to arrive in style.. looking cute… so here I have picked out a few little frocks on Etsy to wear to church and (if I’m lucky) dinner on Mother’s Day.  Which is your favorite?  Mine is the black striped or maybe the orange one.  Really I like them all.

How about this one with some cherry red ankle strap heels like Joan Crawford would wear?

1.   Late 1930’s or 40’s Cherry Chiffon Gown. $650.00 Sold by: TheEnchantedAttic Check it out HERE.

I think the Man would make fun of this one.. but I don’t care.

2.  Extraordinary Geoffry Beane Pucci Inspired Dress and Coat. $650.00  Sold by:  DesignArchives Check it out HERE.

I don’t have the arms for it.. But for some reason.. I love it.

3.   Pewter and Peach Halter Gown $475.00 Sold By FabGabs  Check it out HERE.

OOO–weeee I would be cute in this..

4.  1950’s Vintage Shimmer-Silver and Black Iridescent Stripe-Taffeta Couture Low-Plunge Halter Party Dress $390.00 Sold by: TimelessVixonVintage  Check it out HERE.

I love the pink-red color of this one.. and the little velvet ribbon that hangs down.

5.  Vintage 50’s RED Draped CHIFFON And Velvet FULL Skirt Party Formal Dress Double Sash Panels Designer Label $300.00 Sold by RedBoxVintage.  Check it out HERE.