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You Better Give Me Something for Free…

A month or so ago I upgraded my computer from Vista to Windows 7, when I did that something weird happened to my eBay template located in my listing program, Sixbit.



When I would try to list things, in bulk it would not list the items, and would give me an error message: "This item may have been submitted to eBay by no response was received."  I was only able to list one item at a time… instead of bulk.  I contact support at Sixbit and they told me what the problem was. (their support is WONDERFUL) Once I fixed it the template the items listed as they were suppose too….


I had a few items that actually did list when the program said it didn't.  **BUT I did not know that**  Because of this a couple of items sold the week before and the week after.  I let the buyers know immediately.. they all understood except for this buyer… and here's what she said to me…



"That sucks. I gave up bidding on other bras to buy that one. Usually when a seller makes a mistake like that, they do something to make it up to you, like send you another one for no charge. Just saying that because though I know things happen, refunding my money does not make up for the lost opportunities, etc.."

I responded:

I have other items, I just don't have the 2745 because of my issues with Six bit Software the last 3 weeks. Does it need to be the  model 2745, or different? I want you to be happy, and I wish I had this item to send you. Let me know if there is another one you are looking for

She responds:

"I wanted that one. Sending me another similar one at no charge would keep me happy and buying from you more.
Think how you would feel if I won your product but then told you I thought I had money but don't. That's the kind of bad business you would avoid in the future and leave negative feedback for most likey…"

She sends me this yesterday..

Hi like i said before, simply refunding my money and telling me sorry you listed an item you don't have does not fully compensate for the situation. I bid on your item, missing opportunity on others, and needed it within a time frame. While I know mistakes happen, what you did was bad business. Other sellers who have made mistakes say sorry AND send an item free of charge. This keeps their customers happy so they rebuy and don't leave negative feedback.

When I brought this up to you in the last message, you didn't respond, which was even worse business. So, when you say you are looking for one still, is it only for your own profit, or do you intend to send it to me without charge? Because as it is, I would not throw money your way again…thank you

I sent her the following.. Which I probably should have NOT DONE..

"I want you to be happy. Did you know that there were several questions I asked you about a replacement item, and you did not answer those? I would have love to have sent the item  that you bid on to you. My program had an error that was beyond my control. I've looked high and low for a replacement  for you and have not had any luck.

I've sold full-time for 15 years on eBay, and I've never had a buyer receive a refund and then demand I send them something for free to keep them from leaving negative feedback and for them to keep buying from me. If I do find another 2745, I can not send it to you for free. I am dumbfounded as to why you think you should be compensated beyond the price of the bra or the bra it's self."

She sent me this last night..

"I do not like your tone, as I have never demanded anything from you. I simply relayed how other sellers have handled this in the past. I has happened twice, one offered to send something similar for free and another offered me to pick anything else out from her store, even at higher value; I actually declined her offer, and took nothing from her, as she was so sweet to offer and I didn't really like her other jackets…

I was not demanding- simply relaying to you how I had been treated in the past, without asking. I figured that maybe you hadn't created this situation before, and was trying to tell you based upon my experiences, it seemed protocol to offer compensation. I figured they wanted to keep my business and avoid negative feedback, but it was never discussed. But, tp your own admission, you have created this situation several times before.

Further, there was no need to answer a question about sending another size, as you never acknowledged in any way that you received my email. Since you didn't, I assumed you wanted me to buy another, which I was not willing to do at that point since you had not even acknowledged my message. Perhaps you should communicate more clearly and acknowledge others comments, even if you don't agree with them.

So, either send me a bra or don't. But please do not send me another negative email. This is a waste of my time and is negative energy. Unless, of course, you feel inspired to send me a nice message so that we may leave on a positive note.


How would YOU respond?

June 2021
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