Listening: to the news talk about the horrific tornado that happened in Oklahoma. I can not imagine the what those families are feeling right now. I am so sad for them.

 Loving: that #1 and P*Tricky brought me a Sonic Iced Tea. I love a good iced tea, with crushed ice.  It makes me happy.

 Thinking: about all the stuff I need to get done before the 2013 Youth Mission Trip to South Dakota. 

  • plan the menu and get the grocery list together
  • morning devotions written
  • evening devotions written
  • make sure I have the right clothes
  • make sure the 3 kids I have going on the trip with me have what they need
  • plan for my business stuff while I'm away
  • itinerary plans for the trip
  • itinerary plans for the kids that stay home. (they are much happier and treat #1 better when I write down everything they are suppose to do)

Wanting: to find my STUPID car title.

Needing: (see above)

Stalking:  All paperwork in my house… because I'm looking for my stupid car title… :/