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Just one Girl.. and her Dance Costumes

dance costume, blue ballerina

#3 has been dancing since she was a baby.  Here are her costumes this year.

Blue Ballerina

This is her jazz costume.. I think it’s super cute.

This is her tap costume.. they are dancing to “Ain’t going down till the sun comes up”

#3 isn’t crazy about this costume.

She REALLY dislikes these “spats” that cover her tap shoes

This is her Dance Team outfit.  I think she looks adorable..

She’s not crazy about the shorts.

This is her solo costume.. along with her brothers.

Recital day is just 11 days away.. can you tell we are excited?

A Day with The Cat in The Hat…

Today was the day.. Dance recital photo day.

Here’s #3, #4 and #5 in their dance costumes.

We had a full day of photos today for #4’s group dance and #3’s solo.

#4 started out our day with his pictures.

It’s a blurry photo.. but he looks pretty good huh?

Don’t you love tutus? Check out that point on his toe!

This picture kills me.. I’m not sure what he’s doing in this one.

Pretty much.. this is her reaction to these two WITHOUT the costumes..


#5 RUNNING through the building.. You know

they were glad to see us gone.. 😉

You think the blue wigs make them hyper?

Here’s a couple of their poses…

No matter what she says.. I think #3  loves Thing 1 and 2.

eBay Queen 5 Sewing Projects 0

If you follow my To-Do list.. (GET A LIFE) I’m kidding.. thank you for reading my boring lists.. You would know that I have been working on some pressing projects.  #1 has a wedding to go to, and for some reason COULD NOT wear any of the clothing she owns.. or buy any new clothing.  #4 needed a yellow tie made for his dance recital costume, #3 needed a solo costume made for her dance “A Day with the Cat in the Hat”.  Along with that costume.. she thought it would be cute to have her two younger brothers (#4 and #5) dress up as Thing 1 and Thing 2… SO I made those costumes also.  I am SO glad I took the the clothing and textile classes all 4 years in high school, or my kids would be out of luck!

I present to you Thing 1 and Thing 2.

Here’s #3 in her skirt.  I still need to put the sequins on it.

I think she really likes it when she spins in it.  I thought the costume

looked a little pirate-ish to me.  Argh! Matey!

Wrestle-Mania is alive and well at my house.

#1 chose some vintage fabric we had downstairs for her skirt.

The fabric was a pain to work with.. but I think it turned out pretty cute.

I forgot to take a photo of #4 in his tie… but I promise I made it too 🙂

December 2021
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