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How Hard Can it be? Shooting an Instructional Shipping Video

Have you ever shot an instructional video? It sounds easier than it actually is. A few weeks ago I was chosen to be one of the Scotch 3M Brand Shipping Experts. I was pretty excited about it .. until I realized it was harder to shoot a video than it looks on TV ;). I'll post the videos soon.. but I wanted you to see what I saw shooting the video.

flip camera, tape, 3m scotch brand shipping expert, taping a video

This is #2.. he can run the camera.. but was so excited about

me doing the video he couldn't hold the camera still!

Then there's this girl… #1. She shot most of the videos.

One of the things I learned about myself shooting these videos? I have issues remembering my name! I have no problem showing someone how to wrap a book, multiple breakables or plates. .. but GOOD GRAVY don't ask me to remember my name and where I am from!

For some reason my two tallest children thought it would be

a good idea to stand on a chair to shoot the video.. of their

very short mother.

Soon.. very soon.. you can laugh at my video's like #1 is doing 🙂

June 2021
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