How Do You Know a 3 Year Old Loves his Family?



 I've been taking Christmas pictures of my children since well.. I've had them. The other night #6 brought me an 8 year old Christmas photo and was VERY VERY sad.  You know sobbing with the lip out sad.



I asked him what was wrong, and he told me; "I'm not in this picture. Where am I mommy?"


I did the best I could explaining to a 3 year old where he was 8 years ago, and he demanded that I somehow put him in the picture. 


I asked him why he wanted to be in the picture, and you know what that sweet little muffin said?  "I just love my fambly (family) and I want to be with them."  That warms my heart. 🙂


He’s Not Sleepy, He’s My Brother!

#6's crib is in The Man and my bedroom. I've always had the babies (when they were babies) sleep close to us.  If you follow me on Instagram you'd know that I sometimes take photos of my children when they can't sleep. Last night #6 would not go to sleep..


So we watched a little Seinfeld…

Then his sweet sister #3 came in to talk (like she sometimes does). #6 asked her to "peassse get in the bed wit me Aheee."  Being the good sister she is, she did.  I fell asleep thinking she went up to her room, when I got up later to check on him, this is what I saw.


When I woke up here's what I saw:



This totally cracks me up, and is quite possibly the sweetest thing ever. Sometimes I feel sorry for my other children, because they didn't have as MANY people to love on them as #6 does everyday.




Listening:   My children are all busy doing school stuff.  Currently they are kind of quiet.  #6 is running around in the new shoes I bought him say; "I wanna go outsidddeeee! Peeese Mommy?"

Loving: That #6 is an EXCELLENT communicator.  He is ALWAYS talking, ALWAYS learning. It makes my heart smile.

 Thinking:  I have entirely TOO MUCH stuff to write down/correct before the first of September.  I'm reading this super cool book on confirmation… and I want to change some of the curriculum I wrote for confirmation to include the stuff I just read.  I also have the after school program curriculum to finish, a sermon to write for September 29th, and PowerPoints to finish for September's Youth Group.

Wanting: To go to Longhorn with the man.

Needing:  To plan my meals for this weekend and the upcoming week.  Figure out what kind of cake #3 wants for her birthday Tuesday and what kind #3.5 wants for her birthday Wednesday.

Stalking: I'm embarrassed to say it, but Candy Crush Saga level 144… don't think less of me 😉