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Wednesday Seems Like a Good Day to Get Something Done

Wednesday’s To Do List…

1.  Work on VBS stuff

2.  Youth Group

3. Read some books to the monkeys

4. Change where eBay photos are hosted

5. Sign #3 up for the library program

6. Work on Church eBay stuff

7. Dinner= the frozen kind..

8. Upload photos to YG Facebook pages

9. Create Girl Scout Facebook page (upload some photos)

Friday’s To Do List.. Like that will happen…

Our First Day of School this year.. I don’t know what

to say about this photo.  All I know is that some kid needs a

haircut.. and another one needs a shirt.  There are 2 in there

that look like supermodels.. Well supermodels for our little town..

and obviously for our family.

1. MPE Homeschool Conference…  I’ll be there most of the day.  So this list is just wishful thinking 🙂

2. Figure out what I need for 2010-2011 school year..

3. PowerPoint for Church

4.  emails to the Girl Scouts about the lunch on Saturday and to Youth Group about the meeting..

5.  Write up eBay stuff (I still have those SUNGLASSES to finish)

6. Order a new battery for my laptop (from eBay of course)  I’ve bid on one.. but I’m waiting to see if I won it..

7.  Work on the Church’s eBay auctions

8. Set up time to pick up eBay donations..

9. Work on e-commerce website

10. Fill out #1’s forms

June 2021
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