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Friday’s To Do List

Friday's To Do's

  • Take #2 and #4 to the Dentist
  • Work on Store
  • Dinner = out with the man.. I hope
  • Take #2 to hang out with his Grandpa
  • Clean the house
  • write up a few eBay things if I have time.

Saturday To Do’s

Saturday's To Do List..

  • CLEAN THE HOUSE.. seriously.. this place is a sty.. (my excuse is that I wasn't home all week.. which is TRUE.. but still)
  • Write up eBay stuff
  • Dinner= rib eyes, baked potatoes, green beans, homemade rolls and brownies with mocha frosting
  • fix photos of eBay junk
  • Write a food blog
  • plan Girl Scouts
  • Cut the boys hair.. and The Man too..

Thursday’s To Do’s

Thursday's To Do List…

  • I scheduled School today.. but I forgot about the other stuff we have..
  • #3 & #5 Dentist
  • #1 Doctor appointment
  • Girl Scout Meeting
  • Move Church Pews
  • Girl Scout Cookie Training
  • Dinner= Breakfast.. pancakes, eggs and bacon.

Friday… To Do List Because you know you want to read it ;)

oatmeal cookies, oatmeal scotchies, butterscotch chips

I made 8 dozen of these cookies Thursday.. anyone want

to guess how long they will last in my home?

24 hours  48 hours 64 hours

1. Wii Fit

2. List eBay Stuff ** this is my main goal**

3.  post office

4. Do something with #2′s hair.

5. Do something with my hair..

6. Make some insurance phone calls.

7. Dinner= Steak, baked potatoes, corn, rolls

8. Fix pictures

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