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Monday’s To Do..


Monday's To Do..

  • Dinner= Green Bean Chicken and Rice
  • Go pick out Mission Trip Shirts
  • exercise
  • find bank card
  • work on eBay stuff
  • post photos from "human video" practice
  • Make "sin" box for human video on Mission Trip
  • Send in Girl Scout things
  • Post Office
  • make Mission Trip phone calls
  • work on Sermon (really…)
  • pick up the house
  • FINISH cleaning out from behind the chair in family room
  • Make the boys clean up the trash outside (the raccoons or something knocked over the trash cans

Monday’s To Do’s…

apple apron, morning glories, morning glory

How cute is this apple apron? The cutie wearing it

isn't too bad either..

Monday's To Do's

  • School the monkeys
  • Plan my school for the rest of the month.
  • Library Book Sale
  • #3 & #4 to dance
  • Paint bulletin boards at church.
  • Clean up eBay room
  • Dinner = tacos
  • Work on online store

Saturday To-Do’s

Saturday's To Do's

  • Paint Youth Room
  • Clean house
  • Write up some eBay junk
  • fix photos
  • Dinner= Salisbury Steak, mashed potatoes, gravy, peas and corn

Is it Really Friday?.. Because it Doesn’t Seem Like It…

vintage television, tv, Motorola, good parent, bad parent

Note to my husband.. See TV is GOOD for me 🙂

Friday’s To Do List

1. Write up a few  eBay auctions.

2. Figure out what we are going to do about dance this coming school year.

3. Dinner= tamales with my friend Tammy and her family 🙂

4. Make breakfast for 10 children..

5. Pick Up #3 prize at the Library

6. Clean.. Clean .. Clean…

7. Run a couple of errands in the AM.

8. Stop and say Hi to Holly..

May 2022
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