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Starbucks in a Trailer.. Park Or The Remodeling Job


starbucks, trailer, I love starbucks, re modeling

Last Thursday we were out in Lee's Summit.  I noticed the Starbucks that I had visited on NUMEROUS occasions.. and the first place I first tasted my favorite drink… White Chocolate Mocha (non fat). Had changed.  It no longer was a free standing, non-moving building, but a trailer.. on WHEELS!

Starbucks, lee's summit, 291, white chocolate mocha

Seriously… This is Starbucks.

The cones are part of the drive thru.  You can sorta see in the background the old Starbucks that is being re-modeled.

Here is the storage area. Festive basket huh?

Seating… notice the nice flooring.

Fancy bathroom…

starbucks, trailer, I love starbucks, re modeling

This remodeling-Starbucks in a trailer.. cracks me up.

I wanted to ask the employees..

  • What the customers think of the new building?
  • Do they still have wifi?
  • Has anyone stolen anything from the "storage" shed?
  • Anyone ran over your drive thru cones?
  • Have customers been nice or do they complain?
  • Had any strange people take photos of the new operation? 😉

Happy Birthday #1 Does it Feel Like You’ve Lived 1/4 of a Century?

It’s this child’s birthday.. and just like all my children.. she has “issues”.

She likes to sleep.

(Holy smokes.. she’s gonna kill me for this one)

She LOVES to model eBay stuff.

She modeled around 25 vintage nurse outfits one time..

#1 is famous in our home for her “looks” .. This is the “mildly amused,

but I’m still gonna smack you” look.

This is “annoyed.. but not speaking to you” look.

Most people would think this is a happy look.. but it’s not..

she’s actually angry that her brother took this photo when she was

not ready.

Stop.. Hammertime..

She loves coffee…

I’m serious.. she really loves it.

(why don’t you just marry it then?)

Speaking of marriage.. I’m married to that guy.. and what a

coincidence that’s #1’s dad too!  Don’t they look cute?  Do you want to know

what they were laughing at?

#4’s super long tongue..  interrupting my photos.

She likes this Big Ugly Dog too..

She loves her goof ball siblings.. that sometimes torture her.

Happy Birthday #1..  Your family loves you.. and…

I think this guy does too..

June 2021
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