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Someone stole my Mojo..

When I say someone stole my MoJo.. I don’t mean beer.. I don’t even drink the stuff (beer or mojo beer).  I am exhausted.. you know the kind of exhausted like you’ve spent 48 hours with children that never sleep?  Oh wait.. maybe that’s what happened to my MoJo..

They look sweet and innocent eating pizza don’t they?

Maybe that’s it.  Back in July when I volunteered to “help” with the Confirmation Class.  I thought it would be a good way to spend my Sunday mornings.  I had no idea I would grow to love each one of these kids for all of their special-ness. (is that a word? Don’t tell me I don’t want to know.)

Here’s the man and child #2 setting up the projector at the OU Lodge.

Friday evening I set off with 11 of my closest 7th and 8th graders to the Ottawa University Lodge at Pomona Lake. The OU lodge is an interesting place.  It reminds me of the Brady Bunch house (far out man).

We had a schedule:

Confirmation Class Spring Retreat Agenda
Friday May 1st
5:30                Pick up from Washburn Towers
6:00                Dinner @ Buzzards
7:00                Arrive, Set Up, and Settle in.  Go over Chore Chart, rules etc.
7:45                Work on Books, Sermon Notes, Statement of Faith etc.
8:45                Watch 10 min Video & Discuss
9:30                Snack & Play Game “How well do I know these people”
10:30              Get Ready for Bed/Movie time
Saturday May 2nd
8:00                Breakfast
8:30                Clean Up
9:00                Check out the surroundings
10:30              Watch 10 min Video & Discuss
11:15               Work on Statement of Faith, Books etc.
12:00              Lunch & discussion with Session
2:30                Clean Up
3:00                Hang Out.. Game time
5:30                Prepare Dinner
6:00                Dinner
6:30                Clean Up
7:00                Watch Video & discuss
8:15                 Hang out.. Game Time
9:00                Movie
11:00               Ready for Bed..
Sunday May 3rd
7:30                Breakfast
8:30                Clean Up
9:40                Leave for Church
We had a mission. We were to have fun, eat, test our knowledge, eat, have fun, grow in our faith, have fun, eat.. (you get the picture).

Kids Setting Up their stuff.

Buzzard’s Pizza.. yum..

We were sitting around Friday night watching “Austin Powers”.  When we heard a strange sound…

This doesn’t look like much.. but it was an ARMY Helicopter.

We had a Army helicopter land about 200 feet from our lodge.  It was pretty cool, and freaked us out at first.  It stayed there for about 30 minutes, then flew off.

Without this guy.. this retreat would not have happened… He’s awesome

There’s a lot of purple going on here. (girls are pink boys are blue.. mix them together they make purple)

One thing about boys.. they love fire (see the lighter in his hand?) I had to hide that like 10 times.

I think they are looking at a wasp

Who knew you could play Twister alone?

The Session (our church’s governing body) ate lunch with us.

We spent September through May learning more about our faith, and about each other. These kids have taught me a lot about myself, and my own belief system.  I am a little really sad the class is over.  I love each one of them, and will miss spending Sunday Mornings with them.

The Weekend is Coming What’s the eBay Queen Doing?

Friday is here.. and I think I’m Ready.  This weekend is the Confirmation Class Spring Retreat.  I won’t have internet access.. so I am scheduling my blogs to post. If I had internet access you could see what was happening while it happened..  I could try to write a blog from my phone.. but even I’m not sure if I can do that!

Here’s our Winter Retreat:

This retreat was held up by Topeka Kansas at a Girl Scout Camp.  I believe it was in Dover Kansas.  We had a great time, working, learning about our faith, eating, roaming the camp grounds and just hanging out.

Here they are playing cards

I really LOVE these kids. I took most of them on a mission trip last summer, and I had the honor of co-teaching them in this confirmation class.

K-squared playing some music.

Making Dinner

I guess they thought it would be fun to plastic-wrap a kid to a pole. Don’t tell their parent.. oh wait.. I am that kid’s parent.

See they are working on their note books.. No huffing splenda.. 😉

Just remember while your reading this.. I’m with these kids… most likely having a good time… and keeping them away from plastic wrap.

My Unusual Sunday…

I woke up this morning and got ready for church. I took 2 of my 5 children with me (we need to be at church earlier than the Man and the other children).

I seem to have the worst luck when it comes to getting my food through the drive-thru.  I went back to the Golden Arches today.. to get my McGriddle I did not receive last week.  I called them last Sunday, let them know what they did…and gave them my name.  Can you believe the snarky chick behind the counter gave me grief TODAY? I gave her my best “mom” voice and finally received my product.

I headed to church and to my confirmation class… (they are some of my favorite 7th and 8th graders on this planet).   Unfortunately they did not want to be photographed this am..

No that is not a kid asleep.. he’s awake really..

They are not on the phone or looking at their nails.. they are praying…

Look these two look sort of interested..

Um.. ok.. it’s really them not their teacher.

So after church I headed BACK to McDonald’s.  Why you ask?  Because I had plans to take child #3 to the American Girl Tea Party at the library.  Some of you would say.. “Why didn’t you go home?”  and to you I say; “You must not live in the country!”  We live so far outside of town, that it’s better to stay in town and use the WiFi in the Golden Arches then drive home only to turn around and come back.  My 2 hours in town waiting wasn’t suppose to be very eventful.. but let me tell you it was… I wish I would have brought my camera in.. to prove what happened.

Now the layout of our McDonald’s is like most McDonalds; except ours only has 2 spots with plug-ins, and both were taken.  I saw my favorite spot by the RedBox had one lonely man sitting there.  He looked nice enough, so I asked him if #3 and I could sit there.  He said; “Sure”.  We chatted about .. where we live etc.. And then the older men started to arrive.  When I say older.. I mean men that could be my father.  They arrived at the table with all kinds of stories…. Here’s some of what I learned today:

  1. Ottawa Ks used to have a Montgomery Wards, and City Hall ran it off…
  2. The Swimming Pool in Ottawa was segregated in the 1950’s.
  3. Some of the men went to a 1 room school house.. the same school house I had my wedding reception (and vote in).
  4. They love to talk about the river and one of them even ice skated on it for nine miles. A couple others even were Baptisted there.
  5. They called me “mixed” company, and caught themselves before they said anything bad
  6. I think it’s cute they asked about my Dad and where I was from.
  7. A couple of them went to school with one of my neighbors.. and if he knew when that neighbors wife was making “creamed turnips” he would drive STRAIGHT to their house.  “You’ve never had anything like Bessie’s creamed turnips”.
  8. I think these men have driven every square inch of this county, and the knowledge they have in their head! Holy Smokes they are so cool to listen to!
  9. They are as enchanted with German Baptists as I am.
  10. They accepted me into their group.. like I had been there forever

I only wish I had brought my camera in..  If I had you would have seen 6 men vary in ages from 40ish to 80 ish.. that get together to talk about the weather, politics, women, friendships, crops, money and everything else in between there.

Child #3 and I  left our new friends, and headed to the library for our tea…

Child #3 and her American Girl Doll.. in matching outfits..

Check out these sugar cookies.. so cute.

#3 and one of her friends

#3 and her SWAG from the tea party.. We also received a photo of her and the doll in a silver photo frame.

May 2021
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