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Handmade Halloween Costumes

randy macho man savage, eBay,  halloween costume

Randy Macho Man Savage Costume. 

I actually met him. but that's a story for another blog.

Macho Man Randy Savage Wrestling Halloween Costume WWF WWE Jacket Hat Pants Sold $485.00 by eBay Seller Teamimpact1  Check it out HERE


Another Macho Man Costume

Custom Made Macho Man Randy Savage Original Halloween Costume WWE WWF MENS  SOLD $407.00 by eBay Seller ipaul7  Check it out HERE


If my good friend Sonia and I were to be cartoon characters we would look a little like this.

Pinky & The Brain Costume Cartoon Suit SOLD 400.00 by eBay Seller 615creative  Check it out HERE


WHOA.. this won all kinds of awards

Avatar Full Costume Mask Custom Hand Made SOLD 400.00 by christensenb67 Check it out HERE


Original Tron Halloween Costume Sold $385.00 by ihatesweeney Check it out HERE 

Friday’s To Do..

Friday's To Do List..

  • CLEAN this REALLY Messy House
  • Make Children Vacuum
  • write up a few eBay things
  • Find Magnet cookie sheet things
  • vacuum under cushions
  • start preparing for the Christmas decorations (I know it's not Halloween.. but that's how I roll)
  • Dinner= Grandma's Chicken and Rice
  • Straighten rugs
  • Fix Gazebo
  • Sweep porch
  • dust

Maybe it’s Because They are Homeschooled…

homeschooled children, weird kids, costume

I think my kids have a pretty good imagination.  It seems like

every day they have a different costume or game they are playing.

I have NO idea what #3 is doing here.. she has

on a blanket, with this little sweater clip thing

holding it together.  Oh.. and let’s not leave out

the red and blue swimming noodles.

#5 is sporting a black grosgrain ribbon around his

head, a polka dot handkerchief, foam shield and sword,

camera bag or purse or um satchel, and a Boy Scout Weeblo pin.

I probably shouldn’t leave out the super cool sleeveless

Spiderman shirt.

Here you can see what I think is the sweater clip..

OOh.. and I believe the Sponge Bob pajama pants

with her brothers “House of Jesus” t-shirt on completes the look.

In her defense, she was the bad guy to her brothers

“Super Hero” games they were playing.

I like to thing they are this creative because they are

homeschooled..  or maybe they just look homeschooled

because they are so creative..  Either way it does my heart

good to see them using their imaginations.

Just one Girl.. and her Dance Costumes

dance costume, blue ballerina

#3 has been dancing since she was a baby.  Here are her costumes this year.

Blue Ballerina

This is her jazz costume.. I think it’s super cute.

This is her tap costume.. they are dancing to “Ain’t going down till the sun comes up”

#3 isn’t crazy about this costume.

She REALLY dislikes these “spats” that cover her tap shoes

This is her Dance Team outfit.  I think she looks adorable..

She’s not crazy about the shorts.

This is her solo costume.. along with her brothers.

Recital day is just 11 days away.. can you tell we are excited?

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