Pinterest Photo Challenge Day 18: Hair

Today's Pinterest Photo Challenge is hair.  If I would have had time, I would have tried to do something at least interesting with my hair…. but since I left my house SUPER early to stand in line at a large warehouse sale, I didn't have time.  So this is what you get.

I didn't even brush it first… oh and it's not really that red.  That's just the lighting. :/

Cousin It Once Again Got a Haircut

Some people might think I have a real issue when it comes to getting my hair cut.  It's been since October of 2009  or 829 days since I cut it the last time.  I've had my hair cut by the same person for 18 years.  She does a great job. I love her…

But like a lot of mothers I won't take time out of my day/month/year (or 2) to cut my hair.  I made it one of my New Years Resolutions to get a haircut.. and I did. 🙂

Before Pictures:

cousin it, long hair, really long hair

My before hair in a pony tail

Down.. looking messy.


After from behind…

and the front.

If one of my parents is reading this blog.  My hair is NOT this red. It's the lighting. 


Do you want your hair cut by Renee?  You should call Aspen Salon in Heatherwood Village – 14884 Metcalf, Overland Park, KS 66223  913-402-0500

Cousin It is gone…

I've needed a hair cut for a long time. Was that a pun? I've gone to the same person to cut my hair since before I was married. My father gifted me with thick course hair. My thick hair doesn't seem to freak Renee (my hair chick) out. I don't want short hair, and she doesn't seem to want to cut it all off, so we are perfect together. Here are the before photos: cousin it

Here's the mass of hair pulled to one side…

cousin it

Here it is on both sides.. Please ignore my dirty mirror 🙂

HOLY SMOKES.. I look like Cousin IT from the Adams Family..

Don't believe me.. here's proof..

Ok.. so I don't have a hat.. but it's pretty close.

Some hair…

Some more hair…

and Bob's your uncle.. my hair is cut..

The back… and sort of the front..

Renee says she wants to see me back in before it get's that bad again.. I'll try.. I'll try..