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A Trip to Market Antiques in Ottawa, KS

 market antiques, ottawa, kansas

Monday for my birthday we did a little antiquing.  Most kids don't like to go to antique stores.. but mine love it!  (lucky I know)  Ottawa Kansas has LOTS of antique stores.  I wrote about this little antique store back in 2009 when they also served lunch and PIE

I love little beaded and sequined purses.  I would love to hear the stories that they could tell.

Hello old lace and a silver bag.. I love you…

Old glory, vintage flag print

This is one of my favorite prints.  I should have bought one.

keys, vintage keys, skeleton keys

Pile of keys!

block, news blocks

They had tons of these print blocks.  #3 and #3.5 love to dig through these!

metal box, red, filing cabinet

I love this little red filing cabinet.

rolling pins

Rolling pins

Ottawa Maid, Ottawa Kansas, Bread company

Middleton's Ottawa Maid Bread… I didn't know that there was a bakery in Ottawa.

locks, keys, key to my heart, old locks

You have the lock and key to my heart…

old desk

Do you love this old desk?  I do!

More cute little handbags

E coasters

I love these E coasters.. so delicate and cute 🙂

#4 said.. "Hey the Clown's actually in this one!"


old hankie

Pile of old hankies.

#5 wanted this horse..

Good lookin' kids don't you think?

Top 5 Etsy Coats.. Why? Because it’s Getting Cold…

It’s getting cold in Kansas.. I picked out the top 5 coats I would buy on Etsy.. Ok.. I’d buy if I didn’t have so many excuses and issues! 🙂

1. The seller Dinwiddies calls this a Dumpster Chic Coat.. I love the vintage buttons, and jewelry on the collar. So cute. See the coat by clicking 1

2. Holy Smokes I love this coat. I love the pleats in the back.. I can see myself (200lbs lighter) walking around the plaza with my black high heeled boots.. looking cute. The sellers name is YYStudio. Want to see this coat? Click on 2

3. ROAR.. I’m a tiger or um.. a leopard. I have no idea where I would wear this. (who am I kidding.. I’d wear it everywhere!) The Seller is 2SwansNest want to see it go here: 3

4. Ok.. so this coat is a bit funky for me.. But there is something about it that says "WEAR ME!" I could probably do without the lace at the bottom.. But I love the way the coat looks… if it were in front of me.. I’d ask if I could touch it :). Seller is Crude things. To see this coat go here: 4 (oh.. and what is that on her feet?)

5. This coat is like a work of art to me. I don’t know where I would wear it.. but I love quilts, and I wish I looked taller.. this coat is part of a quilt and well it looks like only a tall girl should wear it. The seller is LAziz. Check this coat out by clicking here: 5

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