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Tuesdays To Do..

national sarcasm day

Tuesday's To Do..

  • School the monkeys
  • work on article
  • grade papers
  • dinner= steak, baked potatoes, green beans and homemade rolls (we were going to have this Monday.. but we did something different)
  • clean
  • Work on eBay Junk
  • order cookies for the troop
  • troop finance form

Fridays To Do..


Friday's To Do..

  • School the Monkey's
  • Run errands
  • Market
  • Dinner= Potato Soup, homemade bread
  • Grocery store
  • Unload truck..
  • Work on eBay junk
  • Relax with the family
  • Bank

Monday’s To Do..

Traveling with children, mission trip, review mirror shot

Me with a few kids in the car… traveling back to Kansas

Monday's To Do

  • Sleep
  • Clean
  • unpack
  • Clean up my inbox (it's a disaster)
  • Make a "rest of Summer plan"
  • Work on VBS Crafts
  • Dinner= Potato Soup (I know it's hot outside, but it sounds good)
  • work on eBay Junk
  • Go through mail that has piled up while I've been gone.
  • email the doofus that returned an eBay item to me and didn't tape up the box.. 🙁
  • eBay article
  • send out message about Fourth of July Youth Group (or lack of a Youth Group)
  • work on Mission Trip Video

Wednesdays To Do

Is this something to brag about? 😉

Wednesday's To Do..

  • School the monkeys
  • Print up Youth Group Stuff
  • Work on eBay Junk
  • Research for next weeks Estate Sale
  • Dinner= something out..
  • Youth Group
  • Send the man a list of stuff I need
  • Grocery store
  • Girl Scouts planned
  • Get stuff out about Small group stuff
  • Grade homework
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