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Parents Night at Dance!

Tonight was parents night at dance… Here's a couple of photos

#3 (in the black shorts)  This is her tap class.

That's 3.5 in her tap class

Here she is again.. You notice she only has one shoe on.  She twisted her ankle last weekend… and her tap shoe won't fit with her brace.

#3 in pointe class

Ballerina Girl You are so Lovely or Someone Finally Gets Their Pointe Shoes

A couple of Friday's ago.. #3 and I went in search of some pointe shoes.  This journey really started 10 years ago when I took her to her first dance class. She loved it… and would always talk about the day she would get her pointe shoes… that day has finally come.

pointe shoes, ballet, trying on pointe shoes

On pointe for the first time!

She tried on maybe 5 pairs of shoes before she found the ones that didn't hurt.



I thought that the little ribbon things were already sewn in the shoes…

They aren't.. I was hoping I could get my sewing machine to do it.. but I couldn't get the

machine to fit in there like I needed it too..  So we did it by hand.


December 2021
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