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Dance, Dance, Dance, Recital!

This year each and every Monday… and each and every Thursday I took these girls to dance. Here's the outcome of all those hours.


#3 and #3.5 in their Tap Dance costumes


They wore these masks for during their tap dance routine.  It was pretty cool.  You can see that dance HERE


 #3 Ballet Dance Costume  You can see the dance HERE


DSC09508#3.5 in her Jazz performance

DSCN7036#3.5 in her Jazz costume   Check her dance out HERE

DSC09535#3 in her Leaps & Turns costume.  You can check out her dance HERE


DSC09504#3 in the opening act.

DSC09495#3.5 in the dressing room

It’s Getting a Little Hairy at My House…

#3 is going to be dancing to “A Day as the Cat in the Hat” from Suessical the Musical.  When she chose it.. we decided I could make her costume… Something cute.. red and white striped and fun.  Then she came home and said that “#4 and #5 were going to be  Thing 1 and Thing 2.”   I could not imagine how I was going to make the blue wigs for them.  I looked all over the Internet for just the right thing.  I didn’t have much luck.

You know what Thing 1 and Thing 2 are right?

Can’t you see #4 and #5 running around looking like this?

Saturday I was at Hobby Lobby and I found some bright blue feather boas…

and thought I can sew them to a wig cap and make them work…

That’s what I did.. It was hard to sew the feather boa on the mesh of the

wig cap… so I need to have a head under the wig cap.  #5 REFUSED to sit

still and be my model.  #4 was more than happy to stand in for him.

He held very still.. through me sewing both of the blue hair wigs.

I can’t wait to see them in the whole outfits..

April 2021
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