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Found at a Cheerleading / Dance Team Garage Sale

Ottawa High School's dance team and cheerleader squad have a Garage Sale that I've enjoyed going to for a couple of years.  Here's this years haul…

Vera Bradley, Kate Spade, Brighton bracelets 🙂


Some clothing for #1, #3 and #3.5

Pretty Good haul 🙂

Monday’s a Good Day to Get a Few Things Done..

Monday is book sale day…

Monday’s To Do…

1. Figure out what movie we are watching for Theater in the Parking Lot. (Wednesday Night Youth Group)

2. Write up a few eBay things.

3. Work on presentation.

4.  Clean the Abode.. :/

5.  Figure out what we are going to do about dance this coming school year.

6. VBS Crafts

7.  Eclipse Tickets..

8. wii Fit

9.  Library book sale

Just one Girl.. and her Dance Costumes

dance costume, blue ballerina

#3 has been dancing since she was a baby.  Here are her costumes this year.

Blue Ballerina

This is her jazz costume.. I think it’s super cute.

This is her tap costume.. they are dancing to “Ain’t going down till the sun comes up”

#3 isn’t crazy about this costume.

She REALLY dislikes these “spats” that cover her tap shoes

This is her Dance Team outfit.  I think she looks adorable..

She’s not crazy about the shorts.

This is her solo costume.. along with her brothers.

Recital day is just 11 days away.. can you tell we are excited?

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