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Christmas Dance Pageant

Monday evening #3 and #4 were in a Christmas Dance Pageant.

Here's #5.. he wasn't in the dance, but thought he should wear

his "Link" (Legend of Zelda) Costume and his "Woody" hat.

Here's the FULL effect of the costume. I know what you are saying..

"How could she let her kid out of the house in that outfit?" All I can

say is.. "It was a weak moment."

#4 auditioned for his part as a cow. He's a pretty cute cow huh?

Here's #3 as an angel. She is signing to "O' Little Town of Bethlehem".

I love this photo of #4.. He's such a cute angel!

Hark the Herald Angels Sing!

#3 was an Angel too..

Here she is as a wise man. Bringing her gift to baby Jesus.

#4 was a dancing shepherd.

A whole mess of shepherds!

#3 did an AWESOME tap dance to Little Drummer Boy…

my photos aren't very good.. of her dance. 🙁

More bad photos of the "Little Drummer Boy Dance"

Tuesday’s To Do’s

Tuesday.. Happenings..

  • Grocery Store.. (eww)
  • School the Monkey’s
  • Adult Girl Scout Leader meeting
  • Dinner= Baked ziti
  • Get junk out of entry way.
  • Clean out the car (it’s a TOTAL MESS)
  • Girl Scout Finance Report
  • Call Nazarene Church to see if we can meet there for GS
  • Make the next 3 weeks school plans
  • Make September Calendar
  • Enroll #3 in dance.
  • Send out announcement for Sunday’s Youth Group

Wednesday’s List is Full of….

Spider Pig

Wednesday ‘s To Do List

1. Write up a few  eBay auctions.

2. Figure out what we are going to do about dance this coming school year.

3. Dinner= Pot Luck

4. Take a nap (I was up late seeing Eclipse)

5. Set up stuff for Movie night at Youth Group

6. Clean.. Clean .. Clean…

Tuesdays a Good Day to Get Something Done…

Hello.. fabulous Shoe.. I need you.. several different colors please.

Tuesday’s To Do’s

1. Write up eBay stuff

2.  Father’s Day Cards.. and Netflix.. MAIL THEM!

3.  VBS Crafts

4. Send in article

5. Post article

6. Dinner= Leftovers.. because I think part of us will be working at the church.

7.  Make a new cooking blog for my Sister in law’s recipe for some kind of awesome cinnamon goo-y stuff

8.  Figure out what we are going to do about dance this coming school year.

9. work on church’s eBay stuff…

10. Fix photos

11. Eclipse Tickets..

12. emails for Youth Group on Wednesday.

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