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Monday’s To Do List

Happy Birthday WDR!  I hope it is a good one 🙂

Monday’s TO Do’s

  • School the Monkey’s
  • Take #3 and #4 to Dance
  • Auction tonight HERE
  • Fax stuff into the insurance company
  • Make phone call, Olathe Library, & CH
  • Write up eBay stuff (if I have time)
  • Send out reminders about Meet You at the Pole and the Lock In on Friday.
  • Write article
  • Plan Youth Group
  • Call Kaleidoscope about Girl Scouts and Youth Group Field Trip.
  • Find #4’s dance shoes
  • Dinner= left over for the monkeys.. and a polish sausage for me.

Thursday’s To Do’s

Thursday’s To Do List

  • School the monkey’s
  • Girl Scouts (first meeting of the year)
  • Clean the house
  • Dinner= chicken & dumplings
  • make pizzas before I leave for GS
  • Girl Scout Training (make sure I bring training stuff)
  • Write up some eBay Stuff (seriously)

Thursday’s TO Do List

Have you ever seen “Little Shop of Horrors”?  It’s sounds

scary.. but it’s a funny musical.. I love Steve Martin

as the Dentist. Want to see his solo?  Go HERE.

Thursday’s To Do..

  • Monkey’s to the Dentist
  • School
  • Dinner with some Youth
  • Youth Pastor Meeting @ 7:00
  • Dinner= Grandma’s Chicken & Rice Casserole
  • start making #3’s cake.
  • Bank

Monday’s To Do’s, Cupcakes & Super Mario..

Super Mario, Cupcakes

My kids and I love to play Super Mario Wii together.  But that’s not why

this photo is here.  I’ve noticed a TON of cupcake stuff.. like everywhere..

I wonder why?  Who make the cupcake popular?

1. Wii Fit

2. List eBay Stuff

3.  post office

4. Do something with #2′s hair.

5.  take #2 to the movies

6. Make some insurance phone calls.

7. Dinner= Grandma’s chicken and rice

8. Fix pictures

9. Clean School Room

10. Get school books ready for 2010-2011

11. Write article.

12. have #3 model skirts for eBay photos.

13. Go pick up glasses.

14. Plan meals for this week.

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