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Some Cool Thanksgiving Things to Sell on eBay

\thanksgiving, johnson brothers, what sells on eBay, dishes, turkey

13 pc Johnson Brothers Historic America Thanksgiving Dishes. SOLD $525.00 By eBay Seller: alicetolson Check it out HERE.

thanksgiving, beyer, collection, set

Byers Thanksgiving Carolers Collection Sold $325.00 by eBay Seller byerselleril Check it out HERE

paper mache, thanksgiving, turkey

Schaller German Paper Mache Huge Thanksgiving Turkey Sold 299.98 by eBay Seller decorationwarehouse Check it out HERE

Thanksgiving Wreath SOLD 289.00 by eBay Seller housenhomedecor Check it out HERE

Vintage Thanksgiving Pilgrim & Indian Wooden Figurine Sold 276.27 By eBay Seller klm27 Check it out HERE

An Evening at the Auction

I went to an auction in Wellsville last night.  Here’s my evening in photos..

Brandon Otto auctions, wellsville, kansas, eBay Queen

Here’s an overview of the stuff before the auction started. Do you see the

red arrow?  That’s #2  checking the place out.

Here he’s using the phone to see if we should buy this or that..

They had lots of jewelry, but most of it was damaged or missing

rhinestones.  Here’s what I did bought!

I bought this flat because of  the leather wallets.  Some guy wanted to buy

a couple of them from me while I was paying.. but I said no..

I bought the green Tonka to display in my kitchen with my other green

stuff… but everyone thinks I should sell it.  Silver measuring cup

is mine 🙂

Here’s an overview.

Bavaria covered dish and some Nippon cups and saucers.

I did get my plate I wanted!  Do you see the milk glass pendant light?  It’s old

and pretty cool.  The linens are for me too.

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