The eBay Thief is Back!

Back in April I wrote a blog about an eBay buyer/seller  that was trying to pull a scam on me.  You can read that blog here.

The buyer purchased an item from me said it broke, and refused to send back the package or have UPS pick it up.  I called eBay and they closed the case in my favor.  The buyer opened a chargeback with PayPal.  While on hold I Google’d the buyers name and looked at their Facebook page.  I saw that they had my item (that they said was broken) on Facebook SELLING IT.

I had blocked the buyer when this happened.  Apparently they can still make an offer even when they are blocked.


I called eBay and they told me they would look into the problem.  I don’t see the buyer on my blocked list, but I can’t enter it add it again either.


I entered the user ID correctly and it stated that user ID was not valid.

I called eBay Customer Service and she put me on hold… Came back and said:

I think that user ID was removed and then re-instated. Which might be the explanation for why it’s not showing up on your blocked list.  Wait. hold on. I’m going to put you on hold.”  

I wait.. she comes back on:

“Sorry for the delay.  I really can’t share  with you what happened with this account, but I can tell  you she’s been reported, and if it’s ok with you I’ll make sure she’s on your blocked list.”

Hopefully she won’t darken my eBay doorstep again.

To Catch an eBay Thief

 WAY Back in January I sold a really pretty and versatile high end candle holder/decorative piece. Here’s a few of my photos from the listing showing it can be a candle holder, vase or crudités holder.




The buyer purchased the item, and we sent it to her via UPS.  She messaged me telling me telling me the item broke.


“Hi, I just received my order today.  Unfortunately the metal base and 1 of the glass cups are broken.  I would like to get a refund on this order ASAP.  Please see pictures for your reference.  Thank You”

We responded and told her we would contact UPS, and that they would pick up the item from her.  To please have all the packing material, original box and the item ready for them, and that the would call her and arrange a time to pick it up.

Three days went by and she sent me another message:


Then almost every other day she would send me a message.  Most of those messages had some kind of threat or foul verbiage.  I called UPS, and they verified that she would not allow them to pick up the box.  I passed this information on to the buyer.  I received more threats.  Finally she left negative feedback.  I called eBay and it was removed. I sent her one final message asking her to please get in contact with UPS so that she could give them the broken item, and I could refund her money.   She filed a chargeback with PayPal.  While on hold with PayPal, I realized this chick live in Beverly Hills, and she has a unusual name.  I googled her name, and found her Facebook page.  You’ll never believe what she was selling on her Facebook page…


She’s selling my item!


Plus.. she has her own “Design page”  Where she has my item again!


I sent all of this proof to PayPal.  They told me they would add this to my claim, but it was really her credit card company that would make the final decision.  As you can imagine.  The credit card company sided with their cardholder…

 Look what I got today in an email: