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Wednesday’s Plans 07-01-2020


  • Take #5 to the DMV
  • Meeting @1:00
  • Dinner= I’m not sure…
  • Post Office
  • Sort new eBay tote
  • Set up PayPal for #5
  • Have #4 fix toaster
  • Send offers
  • List on eBay/Amazon for Consulting Job
  • Pick up Auction items
  • water plants (remind #6)
  • Send invoices

Memorial Day Weekend Arbitrage?

I did a little arbitrage this weekend.  Did you?


One of the stores I hit was not so nice.  They were way to curious as to what I do with the items I was purchasing.  How do you respond to questions like that?





When You Buy a Pallets of Product.

I buy pallets of products from different companies to re-sell.  I NEVER seem to take any photos of  when we unload the truck, unbox the merchandise etc.  I promised myself on Friday that I would do that this time… But I didn’t.

In this photo you can see some product in the front.. and #6 inside the box.. with Elvis smelling it.  Before I went to bed Saturday #1 asked me what I really wanted done that I didn’t think I could do on Sunday.  (We had family over)   I told her I would really like to get the boxes out of the living room and the stuff sorted by brand and put in totes.

I woke up Sunday and Look what she did!  Now to carry them all to the “working” area.

Odd eBay Message?

I received this message today.  (I’ve never been messaged by this buyer)

“You know what is funny? A friend of mine was looking for a cookie jar… she loves to bake, she found this one on line here, neither her or I had thought The 51 inches was a circumference measurement. As it turns out she has cats… who would have guessed that? I was on the phone with her today when she realized it was for cat treats. Kind of wish the jar had a reference to its size in a picture. I had paid for that for her, and now will likely not get my money back out of it.”


What do you think she means?

Here is what I think:

She purchased a cat treat jar for her friend.  She thought it was a cookie jar, her friend thought it was a treat jar.  Both of them thought it was 51 inches around?  She would like to get the 18.00 she spent on the jar back because it was not 51 inches around.


Here is what I wrote her back:

I am so sorry this was not what you expected.  I show it is 5.25″ around.  I would be happy to refund your money if you’d like to send the item back.  We do have free returns.

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