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Corona Virus + eBay = Wild Returns

Sometimes I get some crazy eBay messages from eBay buyers.  This message was a little off to me.

Purchased a lawn chair, in February 2020

Message from buyer:

I’m contacting you in regards to the above aforementioned items. I received the package it was in fine condition I open up the box and remove the folding lawnchair. I have two friends come over if I’m lucky weigh 150 pounds each and they collapsed in the chair. The screws that it hears the chair together in the middle popped out that was very dangerous I had to help these ppl up. Fortunately neither was injured.

Please contact me with what you would like to do with regards to this situation. I did not want to leave a bad review on this.


My message

I am so sorry this item is broken.  Could you take a photo of the damage?

Message from the Buyer:

No I do not have a camera. Just send me another item.  The Corona is going around!


My Message:

I am so sorry this happened to you. We have a 30 day return policy, and I see you purchased this in February. If you would like to return it you can send it to: XXX and we will refund your money.


Message from the Buyer:

Seeing the covid 19 has been around since January, it would kind of you to extend the return policy as well as credit me and send a new 1.


So she can’t send a photo, and can’t send the item back because of the Corona virus.. but can have friends over to sit in 1 lawn chair not 6ft apart?

Tuesday’s Plans Quarantine Day 38

  • School
  • Write up and list eBay and Amazon
  • Dinner= Garlic steak bites, mashed potatoes, gravy, black eyed peas
  • Post Office
  • Send progress email (daily)
  • Send offers
  • Meeting @2:00
  • Call Vet
  • Start this weeks grocery list
  • Help The Man with Inventory
  • Clean behind my desk
  • Sort Needlepoints into new shelves
  • Send wire transfer for new product

Mondays Plans Quarantine Day 29


  • School
  • Laundry
  • Write up and list eBay and Amazon
  • Dinner=
  • Post Office
  • Send progress email (daily)
  • Send offers
  • Meeting
  • Call Go Daddy
  • Follow up with shopping cart program
  • Clean out Bathroom Closet

Partial Refund Irony

I sold an item that I listed as damaged.  It was in the the title, description, and item specifics.  I even had a photo of the damage.  The item retailed for 72.00, and I had it listed for 13.00 with free shipping because of the damage.   The damage was to the side seam of the item.  It needed to be repaired or re-sewn.  The buyer messaged me right after they purchased and asked if I would send their item immediately because they wanted to repair it for a gift.  (We did)

I received this message below from the customer after they received it.

The buyer wants me to give them a partial refund or discount because of the repair.    I immediately saw they had 47K feedback and went to see what they sell and checkout their feedback.

I thought it was pretty funny that one of their negatives was “shirt was torn, the seller did not want to pay damages”.


If you are wondering what I said to the buyer?  “I am so sorry this was not what you expected.  We do have 30 day free returns if you’d like to return this item.”


Have you experienced anything like this?


July 2020
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