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Top Halloween Costumes on eBay 2012

top halloween costumes, buying stuff on ebay, the joker, heath ledger

This guy MADE this.. pretty cool.

Full Joker Costume! Batman: The Dark Knight: Halloween Cosplay or Display!  SOLD 1525.0 by eBay Seller brrogers87  Check it out HERE 



 bat man, bain, batman, costume

I think people really like their comic characters.. some of the top costumes are DC Comic Figures!

The Dark Knight Rises Bane Costume Mask Prop Batman Rare Halloween SOLD $1129.87 by eBay Seller lhulky Check it out HERE 


Last year this was one of the most popular costumes.

Deadmau5 Replica Diamante Mau5head Halloween Costume SOLD $700.00 by eBay Seller darcyg91  Check it out HERE 


macho man, randy savage, halloween costume

Oh Macho man!

Macho Man Randy Savage Halloween Costume SOLD $600.00 by eBay Seller 2.0tubo16v  Check it out HERE 

 bella swan, costume, t shirt, hoodie

Would you pay almost 600.00 for a hoodie?

Be Twilight Bella Swan for Halloween Costume Cosplay Green Hoodie SOLD $586.00 by eBay Seller fractionsv3  Check it out HERE

Celebrity Sighting Rob Pattinson or Edward Cullen

rob pattinson, edward, edward cullan, star siteing, guess who I saw?

Just in case you've been living in the Rain forest for the last few years.. this is Robert Pattinson or Edward Cullen.. depending on who you are 😉

This is some dude in IHOP that I thought LOOKED like Edward Cullan.

This is what #2 looks like when I start taking photos of people in restaurants. The arrow shows where "Edward" was in relation to #2. Do you think he's going to need therapy because I've tortured him?

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