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Shopping with a Nervous Bride to Be

A few weeks ago I went shopping with mon ami.  You see she is getting married soon.. I’m so excited for her.  She isn’t sure what she wants for a wedding dress.. so I of course documented our day.

weddings, wedding dress

I thought this princess dress was BEAUTIFUL.. she wasn’t crazy about it.

She liked this part of the dress… the rest she thought was “too much.”

She’s getting married!  How can it be too much?

This one is simple, elegant and oh.. so pretty.

Here’s a side view..  the arrow shows the princess dress with

the big flower at the waist… you can see this one is not nearly

as poofy and princess like.

The teeny tiny train.. (she said she didn’t want a train)..

She did like the little lace jacket and the beading.

#3 thought this dress would be perfect for her to wear

to the wedding.

Mon Ami doesn’t care if she receives a wedding ring.. but she did fall in

love with this princess cut 3 stone ring.  This is a small hint… You know

who you are.. 😉  The other band is one of those new titanium rings.  She

thinks her man would look good in that one.

I’m Getting Married.. as Soon as The Man Let’s Me

Today is a special anniversary for #4 and I.  You see two years ago to day he gave me this:

wedding rings, unusual ring, plastic tag holder

He’s pretty romantic for a 7 year old don’t you think?

If you just started reading my blog (WELCOME!).. or if you are one of my 5 readers.. you’d know this is the ring #4 pledged his love to me with. (he really asked me to marry him 🙂  You can check out my original blog about it  HERE.

I never take it off, except to show people… I love the strange looks I get when people notice it, but are too scared to ask me what it is.  Sometimes #4 just comes over and grabs my hand to see if I still have it on.

anniversary, wedding ring, I'm married

No one thought it would last.. the ring that is.  The Man

predicted it would outlast the sun.  Today is #4 and I’s

anniversary.. I asked him if he still wanted to marry me;

He said; “Sure if Dad let’s me!”

Good Gravy! I love that kid!

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