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It’s Breaking Dawn… on Etsy

You may have heard about that little movie that came out today.. Twilight Saga Breaking Dawn Part 1… Here's a few Twilight inspired Etsy designs.

breaking dawn, bella swan, flowers, wedding

Beautiful Wedding Bouquets

Breaking Dawn Inspired Wedding Bouquet Flower Package Red White & Black  Price $750.00 by Etsy Seller MakeBelieveN  Check it out HERE

 converse boots, twilight, music, custom made shoes

Twilight Custom Boots  $300.00 by Etsy Seller Sundari Check it out HERE 

breaking dawn, bride, stain glass, collectibles

Twilight Stained Glass Panel $250.00 by Etsy Seller GeekyGlass  Check it out HERE 

twilight, flowers, beautiful pillows, collectibles

The Twilight Saga Pillows $111.00 by Etsy Seller lapinedesing  Check it out HERE 

 breaking dawn, wedding, hair clip, beautiful

Handmade Bella’s Hair Comb $80.00 by Etsy Seller CustomWoodCrafting Check it out HERE

No Babies Were Harmed in the Making of this Blog

You may not know this.. but even babies have jobs in our house.

When I teach my eBay class I usually say something like that.. "I don't hire any employees, I give birth to them."

This little butter bean is a hat model for #1's Etsy business.

He doesn't mind it so much…

Except when she bop's him in the head.

(no babies were harmed in the writing of this blog)

Do you want to check out #1's handiwork? Go HERE

A Poppy Here.. A Poppy There..

While I was avoiding working today.. I was checking out Etsy for some pretty poppy things.. Here's what I found.

Such a beautiful necklace…

Poppy Patch Textile Necklace $18.00 by Etsy Seller calexndra Check it out HERE

If this background was GREEN instead of blue.. it would be mine.

Modern Diaper Bag Big Poppies in Red $95.00 by Etsy Seller WatermelonWishes Check it out HERE

I would feel so special drinking out of these…

Glass Pitcher an Glasses with Poppy $32.00 by Etsy Seller CraftsNNat Check it out HERE

I need these for my new homeschool room design.

Felt Book Ends Red Poppies on Chocolate Brown $14.00 by Etsy Seller AnnaHailey Check it out HERE

This would look great in the new school room chair.

Pink Red Orange Poppies on Brown Decorative Pillow $40.00 by Etsy Seller PopOColor Check it out HERE

Funky.. and different from anything I wear.

Steampunk Necklace Poppy Necklace $24.00 by Etsy Seller JewelsbyJasmin Check it out HERE

Poppy Love…

Just in case you were wonder… I love this..

I love Etsy.. Really I do. I wish I could be creative enough to make some of the cool stuff they have. I love poppies.. and well poppy garland is pretty cool too.. Check it out HERE.

Price $44.00 made by Etsy Seller: BigBrownHouse

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