Dear eBay Queen: I’m Done. How Do I Sell Off Everything?

Dear eBay Queen:

I’ve decided I am done.  I am going to sell off all my product and get out of the business of eBay. This is how I supported myself and my family.  I’m really ticked about the policy changes and all of the negativity that is happening around Good til Cancelled (GTC)   It seems that all I get out of eBay these days are non paying buyers, low-ball offers and stupid returns.  I have a store, and I’ve done nothing but lose money.

I think maybe the best thing for me is to sell everything off and get a real job. Is there anyone that will buy EVERYTHING I have in inventory?  I am on probably 10 Facebook groups and I read the eBay boards.  It doesn’t seem like anyone is doing well on eBay these days.


LCC: Denver


Dear LCC:

Here are a couple of thoughts I have when it comes to selling off your inventory.

  1. Local auction house.  Depending on how much product you have, you will either take it to them, or they can come and get it.  I would google  “auctions near me” or “local auction houses”.  Most auctioneers will charge you 25% to 40% to sell your items off.
  2. Online auction house.  Here in Kansas we have a couple of people that will sell your product in lots to their online community.
  3. Facebook Group. Maybe one of your Facebook groups will purchase your inventory from you.
  4. Estate Sale. I’m not sure how much stuff you have, but you could contact an estate sale company to see if they would sell your items in their location OR at your home.

What is your inventory like?  Is is product that you would want to buy?  Have you done your research to see if the product you have is priced right and that it is good sellable inventory?

If you have good sellable inventory priced correctly, instead of selling everything off, you should try this:

  1. List one new item or update one listing EVERYDAY.  You should see a change in your sales within a week.
  2. Offer 30 Day free returns.  If you have some heavier items, just offer returns on those.  I was super resistant to have 30 day free returns.  I found out by offering them it changed how buyers open returns and when someone wants to low ball me on a offer,   I simply state: “Since this item has free shipping, and free returns + it is already deeply discounted this is as low as I can go”  That usually turns the offer into a sale.
  3. Free Shipping.  We all know that shipping isn’t free, you have to add it in the price.
  4. Offer 1 day handling time.  Sometimes this really kicks me in the behind, but we know how important it is, so we make the changes in our lives/schedules to meet those goals.
  5. Don’t spend so much time on Facebook/eBay boards.  Depending on the board it can really affect your opinion about yourself and the work you are doing.
  6. Run promotions or use mark down manager.  I am always running a mark down manager sale on a store category, and it changes from  week to week.

Don’t buy into it’s all eBay’s fault.  This is YOUR business.  You are responsible for your inventory, you are responsible for keeping it moving.  eBay is the tool that does that.  I would hate to see you walk away from this business you’ve built.  Remember every good business has ups and downs.  A successful person adapts and changes with the business.



Dear eBay Queen: Is There Such A Thing As An eBay Friend?

Dear eBay Queen:

I really need someone that I can talk to about my eBay success’ and problems.  Is there such a thing?  Where can I find one?  I sometimes just feel a little isolated doing what I do.

RTT, Oklahoma

Dear RTT:

I have a few really good eBay friends.  I met most of them on Yahoo groups ( a billion years ago).  Yahoo groups have gone out with the times, but Facebook groups are kind of the same now.  There are so many Facebook groups you can join relating to eBay.  Here are a few that I love (in no particular order)

You can also try the eBay boards, or even a local meet up group.

I met one of my best friends at a local auction house.  She would bid against me on what seems like every item I would try to buy!  We’ve known each other about 18 years.  She is the one I call when I need help loading my car, or when I want to tell some crazy story about being hexed on eBay. 😉  If you can find a friend like Tammy I would recommend one.

The one draw back I can think to having an eBay friend.. is you want to make sure they won’t give out your eBay secrets or maybe your “eBay fishing hole”.  I hope you find your Tammy!


Dear eBay Queen: How to Catch A Scamming eBay Buyer.

Dear eBay Queen:

I’ve been selling for around 3 years.  In early November I had a customer with around 54 feedback send me a message and tell me that the handmade boot warmers/leg warmers I made arrived with a stain and were not as described.   This is the first time I have had this issue, and I just refunded her money because I didn’t want negative feedback.

My husband thought it smelled fishy, so he contacted the last 10 sellers that she had bought from and they had left positive feedback.  Out of those 10 sellers, eight said that she had told those sellers the same thing, that the item was damaged.  This made me super suspicious, but I had no idea what to do.  The sellers and I exchanged information, and we agreed to keep in touch.  One of the sellers contacted me today to let me know that she was selling some cream hand knit leg warmers, and could they be mine?  I went and looked at the items she has for sale, and sure enough, she was selling my hand made item she said was stained, and three other items that I later confirmed were from these other sellers that she ripped off.

I had a conference call with several of those sellers, and they think we should turn her in.  What is the best way to do that?

Kate J

Dear Kate:

Holy Camoly! This is one for the record books!  Congratulations on catching this scam artist.  I believe the best, and most efficient way of reporting this buyer is contact eBay via their phone system.  It probably wouldn’t hurt to have each seller that was a victim of this buyer to also do the same thing.  I cannot say what eBay will do.  They may just smack her hands, or they may remove her altogether from eBay.  (I’m hoping they remove her) 

Just for good measure, I would also report her through the “report the buyer” flow.  Congratulations on bagging a big one!


Dear eBay Queen:

I’ve been trying to diversify a bit from my eBay store in preparation for my family’s move to Oklahoma.  I've been trying to get rid of my inventory before our March 2015 move.  I’ve been using eBay, Amazon, and Facebook groups and had a very interesting experience trying to sell some of my new items.  The items I’ve been trying to sell are: new with tags Victoria’s Secret Bras that I purchased this summer during their big sale, some Lego sets and those very popular Limited Edition Disney Store Frozen dolls that look like Barbies.  I listed all of these items on about 10 different sites/groups.  What happened to me is, in my opinion, crazy! 

I sold several Victoria Secret bras for 45.00 each, and the Frozen dolls I was asking $1200.00 for the pair. I know that the dolls are sold out, and that my price is considerably higher than it was at the store, SO why did I have these people screaming at me on these Facebook groups.  These women were calling me a Grinch, capitalist pig, and some other names that I am sure you would not be able to print.  I was kicked off one board, and a couple of the others the moderators told the ladies to back off, but most ignored it.

I had a couple of sets of these dolls that I had to fight tooth and nail for at the Disney Store.  Why am I looked upon as being bad simply because I am selling these?  The ladies that contacted me regarding the bra sales were a bit rude, but I said these were HTF (hard to find) and that’s why I listed them that way. 

I did end up selling the dolls on eBay, for my asking price.  I kind of feel embarrassed over the name calling and the things these women said.  Should I have handled this better?



Dear Alicia:

I am a member of a few of our local Facebook groups, but I have found it better for buying than selling. Just like you described, I have seen the same thing happen on the groups I belong to.  I have always found it to be better to not answer the critical people and move on.  I’m glad you sold the Frozen dolls for the price you wanted on eBay.


Strange eBay item of the Week: 261616100551. Frozen dolls are a HOT item this year. I found these on eBay: Disney Store Frozen Limited Edition Anna Elsa 17” Dolls SOLD: $2999.00.