Dear eBay Queen: What Do I Do With a Counterfeit Item I was Sold

Dear eBay Queen:

I’ve bought over 200 items on eBay, and I’ve never received a counterfeit item, until now. I purchased a cord for my older Sony camera. I was told that this was authentic. When I received it, I could tell it was a fake. I messaged the seller and then opened an Item not as Described case against him. I also included photos of why I know it to be fake and attached them to the case. He has not approved the return in 4 days, so I left him a negative feedback. I have received a threatening email from him:

“Thank you for the negative. It’s really a shame that you couldn’t wait for Labor Day to be over for us to respond to your case. I always find it ironic when a buyer that is also a seller and a Top Rated one at that, acts the way you’ve acted. Perhaps you’ll learn your lesson one day. I’m sorry that this item doesn’t work with your camera or computer, or whatever. There was no need to try to ruin my reputation.”

I don’t know what to do! Is he threatening me? Should I report him? Was I hasty in pulling the negative trigger?


Dear Ritter:

I probably would have given him until Labor Day was over to respond, but that is only because I know that some people take vacations during this time. Is he threatening you with the “you are a seller too” comment? Maybe, or he may just be saying you are a seller, and you should know better.

How do you feel about it now? Do you think he was threatening? Do you feel like you were quick to leave a negative? If you do, you can always alter the negative AFTER you return the item. If you feel he was threatening, I would report him, and let the negative stand.

Dear eBay Queen:

I absolutely cannot stand customers like this. I’ve had some weird customers lately. I

think it’s so unfair when a customer gives a negative or gives me a defect, and I can do nothing about it.

This last week I had a buyer open a return request on Quacker Factory t-shirt I sold. She opened under “wrong size, didn’t fit”. I responded to her claim, and approved the return. Three days later the case was change from a “wrong size or didn’t fit” to a “Item not as described” Because I had responded to the case and told her to send it back instead of her paying the return shipping I am supposed to pay it. I called eBay and the first customer service person basically told me “too bad.” I messaged the buyer in the case and asked her what was wrong. She responds:

“It doesn’t fit, but I’m not paying to ship this defective piece of junk back. I called eBay and told them that I should not have to pay shipping when every other Quacker Factory item fits in this size, and yours is obviously defective.”

I respond to the buyer and let them know I’m sorry it didn’t fit, and let them know that by doing this they gave me a defect that I would have to live with because they didn’t want to pay return shipping. She responded with:

“I guess that’s the cost of doing business on eBay with a savvy eBay buyer.”

I’ve read your article for years, and asked myself “what would the eBay Queen do?” I called customer support, and got a representative that saw through what the buyer was doing. She cancelled the request, removed the negative the buyer left AND the defect associated with this transaction. I am so glad I called. Do you think that they removed

this buyer from eBay?

The Victor!


Dear Victor:

I’m so glad this worked out in your favor!

I don’t know if eBay did anything to the buyer, but I hope they did. I’ve heard that eBay reprimands buyers on their first and second offense, on their third they are given the boot permanently or for 30 days depending upon the severity of their offense.


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