Welcome to the Family Ike!

Here’s the family with Ike!

It’s so odd that all my children are taller than me.. or almost taller than me.

He’s a rescue and just in case you wondered we followed the rules of social distancing when we picked him up.

I’m not sure what his whole name is.. but we are thinking it’s going to be Ike.

Riding in the back with #4

He came home played outside with Elvis and the boys.. then fell asleep.

How Many Pictures Does It Take To Get THE RIGHT ONE?

For my birthday we go to the Nelson Atkins Art Gallery every year.  I love to see how each kid discovers something new they love about the Nelson.  Along the way I try to take a few pictures to remind us of our time.  I realized there seems to be an issue getting a good group photo.

Have you ever wondered how many pictures a parent has to take to get the right one?


First picture.  #6 thinks he can be cute and lay to the side.  #1 is fixing her hair, #2 is smiling weird, #3.5 is telling #4 and #5 to do something.


Second Picture: #5 isn’t smiling his hair is messed up and #4 and #6 are smiling strangely.


Third Picture: Geez!  It seems the youngest 3 still can’t get it together.


Fourth Picture:  Well.. now the front row is starting to cave, and #6 is back to thinking is special.


Fifth Picture: #5 and #6 are messing this one up


Sixth Picture:  I guess 6 out of 7 isn’t bad.


Seventh Picture: As #6 would say “perfect!”