Weaving.. it’s not just for Weavers

Last year I was looking for a fun craft for my girl scouts to do.  I came across this site that had a cute little coin purse that could be wove  (woven).?.?   We did one coin purse out of regular red heart yarn (poly-blend).  It was cute, but I thought I could make it better.. stronger.. faster.. (name that TV show).

I decided if we did the weaving out of wool, we could felt it and make it into a purse or backpack for the girls.   We collected wool and eyelash yarn and started out to make our backpacks.

Here would be a great place for me to show you photographs of the work we did..  which I don’t have.  This weekend (when we went camping), I made a small bag to hold my external hard drive.

This is right after we felted it.. it’s still wet and kind of misshapen.

This isn’t the actual item I made.. but we wove them on handmade

cardboard looms.  (This was a USED postal box just in case you are

a postal person that is having a hard time breathing right now)

Here’s what it looked like before we felted it, and after I took it off

the loom.  It was about 8×8 here.  After agitating  it in hot hot

water for a few minutes, washing it in dish soap…  then rubbing

it against it’s self… it shrunk to this:

About 5 x4.  I will do a step by step blog on how to do this..

soon.  It’s a really cool project to do with your girl scouts,

daughter or friends.  I love watching it go from nothing.. to