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Monday’s To Do…

May the Force Be With You… (and me too)

Monday's To Do…

  • Exercise
  • School the Monkeys.. (it's the first day)
  • arrange cubes & finish school room
  • first day of school pictures
  • print colonial flag
  • write article
  • Dinner= Swiss steak, mashed potatoes, green beans, rolls
  • Make first day of school breakfast
  • write up eBay junk
  • Write lesson plans for next week
  • cobwebs.. get rid of them  (#3 needs to dust)
  • upload the rest of the VBS photos I found
  • Work on confirmation class
  • Sign up for ed helper
  • Call school about Girl Scouts
  • finish plans for the week

Thinking of Firsts…

Tomorrow is our first day of school.. Which made me think about some other first days.  This is our first day of school 2 years ago…

1st day of homeschool, home schooling,

This is one of my favorite photos.. because it TRULY captures the personalities of my children.  On one side I have 2 kids that are excited to do school.. on the other side I have 2 kids that look like they just rolled in from a night on the town.

first day of school, homeschool. monkeys

Last years first day of school picture.  All I can say.. is that I'm glad that #5 showed up with a shirt on. 🙂

First Day of School 2010-2011

first day of school, homeschool. monkeys

Today was our first day of school… as I do every year I take

a snapshot of the monkeys..  This year they took me seriously

last year not so much and actually combed their hair and put some clothes on..

#2.. a little blurry.. but looking good..

#3 looks good here.. but will probably be in PJ’s


#4 working on his “Uncle Ricco” Napoleon Dynamite pose..

I have NO idea what #5 is doing..

Happy start of the School Year.. from us to you!

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