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Sometimes You Win.. Sometimes You Get Nothing..

This is Sacred Heart Catholic School.. their rummage sales are notorious

for having FANTABULOUS things!  One year I bought a whole set  of

Inarco Mood Indigo stuff.  I think I paid $10 dollars or so for the set..

and it sold for well over $200.00!

Here’s what Inarco Mood Indigo looks like..

#3 is ready to shop till she drops!

There was a pretty good line when I arrived.. and I got there 15 minutes early!

#2 has his game face on…

The sale is really well organized…

This year they had more clothes than the “junk” I like.

This photo doesn’t show it.. but there were a TON of people there.

This year I got a black leather jacket, 2 shirts for #3, a Fitz & Floyd

Nutcracker plate (in the original box), and  pink melmac divide serving

dish.  Not the greatest haul… but I should do OK with them.  **I would have

a photo of those things.. but #2 had issues with the camera.

5 Things I Want on eBay…

It’s a raining semi-cold day here in Kansas.  I thought I would pick my top 5 things I would buy “if I had money” this week.  I really don’t need anything.. except that sleep number bed.  What are some things you’d buy on eBay?

1.  Coach Optic Suede Tote Limited Edition Purse/Handbag 370160788934 $375.00

2. Brand New Dell Studio 1535 Laptop Pink: item number: 110394773549 $749.00

3. Dazzling 1850’s Mosaic Antique Quilt 250386281612 $1650.00

4.  Fitz & Floyd Pig Pitcher 200344633251 19.95

5. New Sleep Number Bed 170328653795 $1889.00

January 2022
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