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Memorial Day Stuff that Sells on eBay

While searching for Memorial Day items for the blog I came to realize many eBay Sellers have "Memorial Day Sale" and put those words in their titles.  Which seems like a waste of ad space… who looks for the words "Memorial Day sale" on eBay? 


Civil War Confederate Memorial Day Jug Chester Hewell Southern Pottery SOLD 281.01 by eBay Seller thumper611  Check it out HERE 



Patriotic Door Wreath Memorial Day Décor luxe Wreath 4th of July Summer SOLD 165.00 by eBay Seller holliewallace0114  Check it out HERE 


Antique Parade Sash American Flag Memorial Veterans Day Rotary Club Elks Lodge SOLD 112.49 by eBay Seller hieronymus3  Check it out HERE 


Patriotic Red/Brown Dachshund Americana Handmade Memorial Day Dog  SOLD 72.00 by eBay Seller hollandgirl  Check it out HERE 


Disney Patriotic Flag Day Election Memorial Presidents Day Pins  SOLD 69.00 by eBay Seller atticcat Check it out HERE

Something to Sell on eBay: Primitives

primitives, slave made, slavery, Dave the slave, pottery

Very Rare Dave The Slave Edgefield Sc Pottery 4 Gal Churn Best Offer SOLD $5750.00 by eBay Seller bcreekantique  Check it out HERE 


 ax, pilgrim, the pilgrims, thanksgiving, 18th century

Antique 18th Century Colonial Massachusetts Ax Head found House of John Alden Pilgrim  SOLD 3500.00 by eBay Seller valleyforgeantiques  Check it out HERE 

old shelf, vintage, primative apothocary

Oh my.. I love this and the little boxes! 

19th Century Original Paint Twelve Drawers Shelved Wood Apothecary Rare Primitive SOLD 3000.00 by eBay Seller Shop2loveit  Check it out HERE 


I love this! Not 3000.00 love it..

Antique 1883 Anna Pottery Pig Flask Saint Louis Railroad SOLD $2999.99 by eBay Seller missylania  Check it out HERE  


1897 Printed Gauze Cloth 37 Star US Flag Unusual Configuration Nebraska SOLD 2650.00 by eBay Seller haiku2  Check it out HERE 

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