Photo A Day Challenge Day 16: Perfect

I thought a lot about what PERFECT would look like.

  • my house would be "grandma ready"
  • my garden would look perfect and planted like it was suppose to be.
  • all my school papers would be graded.
  • closets would be cleaned out
  • all my needlepoint projects would be finished, and I would only be working on one at a time.
  • I would have made the most perfect dinner with dessert and our family would be enjoying it together
  • watching a great movie with my family

Since I don't have any of those things done.. here's a picture of a different kind of perfect..


This is #4, Elvis, #5 and my nephew sleeping after a big day of playing.  This is perfect!

Photo A Day Challenge Day 15: Inside My Fridge.

I thought about going all "MTV Cribs" and showing my whole fridge…if I did that, it might change the way you feel about me, and I don't want that to happen.  

I don't ever remember my mother having this much butter or eggs in her fridge.  I realize she didn't have 9 people in her household… but seriously.. that's a lot of eggs right?