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Stuff that Sells on eBay Vintage Night Gowns…

These kind of fancy vintage nightgowns are hard to find here in Kansas.  I think they are beautiful and some of them fetch some great prices!  Brand name "Lucie Ann" seems to sell well, and buyers like the Sweep (which is the hem of the garment being wide and "sweeping") oh and lace.. buyers like lace.  I'm pretty sure it's hard to take photos of these gowns.. but I find all the "stuff in the background in some of these photos really distracting.


Vintage Lucie Ann NWT Magnificent black peignoir nightgown robe set lingerie  SOLD 1249.00 by eBay Seller the_material_girl  Check it out HERE 


Vintage Glamorous Peach Olga Full Sweeping Nylon Nightgown Sz L SOLD $475.50 by eBay Seller renee-goodies Check it out HERE 


Luxury! Vintage French Silk Chiffon Satin and Calais Lace Nightgown handmade! SOLD 400.00 by eBay Seller atelier900 Check it out HERE 



Vintage Lingerie Nylon Lace Bra Area Satin Slip Negligee Long Sweep Nightgown SOLD $361.50 by eBay seller SecretBetweenUs  Check it out HERE 


Vintage Lucie Ann Robe or Gown Rare Sweep Nightgown Pink Lingerie Lace Couture Sold $349.99 by eBay Seller DixieDallas  Check it out HERE 

The Day I Made 7 Pies… and Lived to Tell About It.

Last Sunday my Youth Group held a pie auction to raise money for our Mission Trip.. We had a total of 31 pies… and raised $1275.00.  The rule was that each kid should make  2 pies.  Since I have 3 kids going.. and well, I'm going I made 7.  Here they are..

almond joy pie

Almond Joy Pie

This has a handmade crust, dark chocolate coconut homemade pudding with another layer of Malibu Coconut filling and then real whipped cream with coconut, almonds and chocolate on top.

Blueberry  Recipe Here

Homemade crust with, blueberries, lemon juice, flour and sugar for the filling.  The top crust I made "holes" instead of lattice. I had a little blow out on this pie..

French Silk

This has homemade crust with a chocolate mousse filling and whipped cream filling.  Whipped cream on top with a drizzle of dark chocolate syrup.


Berry Boston Cream Pie  (blogged about it here)


Malibu Rum Coconut Cream Pie  Recipe HERE


I also made a Pecan pie.. but I forgot to take a photo of it.

Do you know what these are?


They are pie weights.. I use them when I make cream pies… See that parchment paper that is keeping the weights from touching the crust?  I've NEVER used that… and I've made lots of cream pies.  Guess what I left in one of my crusts?  A pie weight.. How embarrassing!  It was my good friend that got it.. so it's all good.  Still embarrassing 🙁  have you ever done anything like that?

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