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Mission Stay Day 4

This week.. August 2nd – 7th I will be on a Mission Stay. What is a Mission Stay? Instead of going somewhere, we are helping in our own community. Here are my photos of the day. for August 5nd..

I believe he’s saying.. “WHAT UP!” or “Look how long my arms are?”

Why is this man shocked? Could it be he is tired of children? Has he sat on a tack? nope..

He forgot his organ key.. and couldn’t play the organ at 1st Baptist.

Dustin just being cool…

Cleaning the library shelves

And to think.. he was afraid of heights..

We went back in time.. and found this girl..

Dastardly.. is this a word? I believe it describes this kids mustache today..

Victory smells a lot like Starbucks

Today the family went to my sweet niece’s 16th birthday party. We had a great time eating and talking.. when all of a sudden a Wii Rock Band Challenge was issued. Bands were chosen, and 3 Starbucks gift cards were the prizes up for grabs. (My kids love Starbucks I’m not sure why)

I didn’t pay much attention to the teams (bands). I was pretty sure #2 would be playing with one of his cousins, and #3 would be playing with her friend. I was pretty sure no one would let #4 play because he was too young. In the back of my mind I thought just maybe.. they would remember all their hours of Rock Band playing I mean homeschool music they’ve done and play as a band together… and

They did!

There’s #2 on the guitar, #3 on the drums, and #4 singing lead vocals.

There he is (#4) singing his heart out..

After all the bands played the judges picked …

These cute kids.. (see their gift cards?)

I guess all that playing I mean “homeschool music” paid off!

Just in case you wondered.. the winning song was “Don’t Fear the Reaper” by Blue Oyster Cult.

The Weekend is Coming What’s the eBay Queen Doing?

Friday is here.. and I think I’m Ready.  This weekend is the Confirmation Class Spring Retreat.  I won’t have internet access.. so I am scheduling my blogs to post. If I had internet access you could see what was happening while it happened..  I could try to write a blog from my phone.. but even I’m not sure if I can do that!

Here’s our Winter Retreat:

This retreat was held up by Topeka Kansas at a Girl Scout Camp.  I believe it was in Dover Kansas.  We had a great time, working, learning about our faith, eating, roaming the camp grounds and just hanging out.

Here they are playing cards

I really LOVE these kids. I took most of them on a mission trip last summer, and I had the honor of co-teaching them in this confirmation class.

K-squared playing some music.

Making Dinner

I guess they thought it would be fun to plastic-wrap a kid to a pole. Don’t tell their parent.. oh wait.. I am that kid’s parent.

See they are working on their note books.. No huffing splenda.. 😉

Just remember while your reading this.. I’m with these kids… most likely having a good time… and keeping them away from plastic wrap.

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