Let’s Talk about Hair.. and Genetics

curly hair, baby hair, children, why is my baby's hair curly

This is #6  I want to talk about his hair.

I don't understand where he got this stuff… it's blonde…

It's fine…

It's wavy…

Some would say.. curly.

Where did he get it from?

This is the kind of hair I'm used too.. Thick, course, straight.  Maybe I need to dig deep into The Man's family history.

Hmm.. here is The Man in 9th grade.. his hair looks kind of blonde and wavy.  Let's go back a little further…

Yep.. I can see it now.

The oldest in this photo is The Man and his 2 little brothers… with their curly blonde hair.

Pinterest Photo Challenge Day 18: Hair

Today's Pinterest Photo Challenge is hair.  If I would have had time, I would have tried to do something at least interesting with my hair…. but since I left my house SUPER early to stand in line at a large warehouse sale, I didn't have time.  So this is what you get.

I didn't even brush it first… oh and it's not really that red.  That's just the lighting. :/

Monday’s To Do List…

cute baby, baby in a hat

Is this a cute baby or what?

Monday 5-24-2010

1.  Find where I can get a Twix Java.. (a coffee flavored chocolate cookie/candy bar? I’m in!)

2. See if I can figure out Lost.. What the French Toast?  I think I like the ending..

3.  Take before photos of the basement.

4. Clean Basement.

5. Write up a few things.

6. Schedule listings.

7. Work on VBS

8. Firm up plans for Youth Sunday and make the PowerPoint.

9. Go over next years school books.

10. Do something with my hair.

11. Send email about Church auction.

13. Write article.

14. Make promotion dress for K.

15. Library book sale.

16. Pick up Church eBay Stuff.

17.  Dinner= shredded beef enchiladas, tacos, cilantro lime rice, black beans and spoon bread