Popular Halloween Costumes on eBay

Wondering what the top selling Halloween Costumes are on eBay for the first week of October? (me too)  I'm always surprised at the lack popular "girl" costumes.  The top selling costumes currently seem to be traditional male costumes… not that a female couldn't wear them.


Professional Iron man Full Costume Fiberglass Halloween Avengers Mark VI SOLD $2799.00 by eBay Seller i_sell_disney_tickets Check it out HERE


Movie Prop Chronicles of Riddick Necromonger Captain Officer Halloween Costume SOLD $2500.00 by eBay Seller  legxfre Check it out HERE

h14costume3This thing scares the poo out of me.. and it's only a picture!

Halloween Stalkaround Costume Puppet Prop for Haunted House SOLD $900.00 by eBay Seller hallowseve  Check it out HERE 

h14costume4I had to Google what this costume was from.. because at first I thought he was a sexy pirate.. 😉

New Assassin Armour Honors Creed G/Leather Halloween Costume SOLD 650.00 by eBay Seller  jogagne1  Check it out HERE

h14costume5For your favorite raver

Only Hellraiser mau5 Head Led NoCheap El Wire Halloween Deadmau5 Rave SOLD $580.00 by eBay Seller rednismo Check it out HERE

h14costume6I was completely shocked that this one did not sell for more money.  It's a pretty cool costume don't you think?

Halloween Beetlejuice Costume Carousel & Hammer Hands Tim Burton SOLD 400.00 by eBay Seller humantreerobot  Check it out HERE

Something That Sells on eBay.. Halloween Pumpkins

I thought I was going to search eBay for one thing.. and ended up with not one really category. :/  Weird right?  Here are some cool pumpkin things with really high prices.


Rare Don Post Little Buddy Pumpkin Mask Original 1983 Myers SOLD 860.00 by eBay Seller monster-man Check it out HERE


2 Rare Vintage German Paper Mache Halloween Pumpkins Man SOLD $599.99 by eBay Seller thefastlife09 Check it out HERE 


Mushoomhead Mask 2013 Official Pumpkin Mask SOLD $425.00  by eBay Seller impel12 Check it out HERE


Antique Kewpie Shaker with Pumpkin SOLD $404.33 by eBay Seller melschleming Check it out HERE


Rare Lg Johnny Pumpkin Head Halloween Die-Cut by Beistle  By eBay Seller azpaperlady Check it out HERE


Vintage Wooden Nutcracker Pumpkin  SOLD $363.56 by eBay Selle virginiawas Check it out HERE

Something that Sells on eBay: Carved Pumpkins for Halloween



Disney Haunted Mansion master Gracey Portrait Halloween hand carved pumpkin SOLD $375.00 by eBay Seller pumpkinking_77 Check it out HERE


Nightmare Before Christmas Jack Skellington Sally Zero Halloween Carved Pumpkin SOLD $340.00 by eBay Seller pumpkinking_77  Check it out HERE


Phantom of the Opera Carved Pumpkin Halloween Universal Monster SOLD $150.00 by eBay Seller richp38  Check it out HERE.



Frankenstein Halloween Hand Carved Pumpkin Lantern Foam.  SOLD $82.88 by eBay Seller dittster Check it out HERE

Spooky.. And a Presidential Election Prediction

Halloween is very popular around here… not with me, but with my children.  I ask them every year if they will let me buy their favorite candy and they can trick or treat at our front door.. and I will give them a bag full of their favorite candy.  Each year they give me that.. "what's wrong with you?" look.  My dream Halloween night would be taking down the decorations and putting up the Christmas decorations.. maybe a cheese ball, some crackers.. a little punch… But my kids they want to go out in the cold Kansas air and beg strangers for candy. 😉

Here are the monkey's…

#5 loves Star Wars.  He was one of the Skywalkers.. maybe Anikin?

Fear the Jedi… You will. (see what I did there? A little Yoda joke)

These girls were dressed up as partners on the Amazing Race.

and they are tired from running…

This is #4.. He was a voting booth.

You might know I recycled this idea.. HERE

Which box do you think was heavier?  Romney or Obama?

Obama's box was almost 2lbs

Romney's box was almost 2lbs.

So we counted the candy.. Mitt had 30 pieces and Obama had 35 pieces.. making Barack the un-official winner of the Halloween Candy election.